On Hen Parties

By Lucy

It’s less than 2 weeks to go until our wedding, but today I wanted to talk about hen dos. I’m using the plural, because I ended up having 3! I’m not saying I’m milking this wedding, but to any brides-to-be reading this, my advice would be to take the opportunities to celebrate when they present themselves!

16 of my favourite girls went to Malaga for a long weekend with me in April. It was all organised by my bridesmaids who outdid themselves and gave me the best hen do I could ever have asked for! With supper on a rooftop terrace, singing karaoke, a beautiful Turkish Hamman, and lots of bottles of cava, the trip was my perfect mix of classy and trashy.

I was so happy that so many of my friends could make it to Malaga and give me such a good hen do. As if I wasn’t feeling spoilt enough, I had a second celebration in London in June. I felt bad that my family hadn’t been included in  Malaga, not that any of them would have wanted to go on a rowdy drunken girls holiday! So my cousins booked afternoon tea in London. My Mum, Harry’s Mum and sister, and my aunties and cousins all came to London and we spent a boozy afternoon in the drawing room of the beautiful Soho Hotel sipping Prosecco and eating cake. It was so lovely to get family from all sides into the same room and felt like a nice prelude to the wedding.

As if 2 hen dos weren’t enough, Harry and I decided we wanted to have a Sten. We went to school together and have a close group of friends, and we knew we wanted to celebrate altogether if we could. We met up with our friends after work at a pub in London (pretty much as we always do)! The night was silly and drunken and ended up at another Karaoke bar, just as we wanted!

I have loved being engaged, and have so many amazing memories from 2018. Some of my favourites are from coming together with everyone I love for my hen dos. I can’t wait for the wedding now!

Lucy xx


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Briony //

No way! I’m off to Malaga on Sunday for my Hen Do! Any recommendations?

My Fiance has had 2 Stags, but my Hen should be much better…