5 Weeks To Go

By Lucy

We’ve been planning our wedding since January 2017, so Harry and I are both fairly shocked to find ourselves suddenly with less than 5 weeks to go! Luckily, Harry’s freakish Excel knowledge and my Type A obsessive need for organising are lending themselves extremely well to this wedding planning malarkey. So, since it’s been 3 months since my last post around here (sorry about that), I thought I’d take you through some of what we’ve been up to wedding-wise:

Our wedding outfits: I had my dress fitting last week. I was a bit nervous because my dress is in Cumbria, I’m in London and I only had time to come home for one fitting. Luckily, the dress didn’t need altering so I got to take it home with me then and there. It’s now being stored at my Mum’s house along with the rest of my wedding day outfit and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our nosey greyhound doesn’t get her paws on it! Harry has bought a made to measure suit from Beggars Run in Shoreditch and proceeded to splash out on a pair of shoes from Crocket and Jones. He’s not one for spending money on himself usually so I fully approve of this!

Wedding Rings: Both our wedding rings have now been delivered. Harry opted for a plain, gold band and I’ve gone for an open diamond band made by the lovely Catherine Hartley. It’s so beautiful and I keep trying it on because I love it so much!

Hair trial: I had my hair trial with Vicky M last month. I was again a bit nervous because I’ve never been 100% happy with my hair whenever I’ve had it put up before. Luckily, I had nothing to worry about. Vicky took her time listening to what I wanted and asking me lots of questions about the pictures I’d saved, which meant she totally nailed what I was looking for on the first try! Sitting in her hairdressers chair was the first time I’ve had that proper “I’m a bride” feeling, so thanks for being so wonderful Vicky!

Booze buying: Our venue is a dry hire so when we saw 25% off all wine at Sainsbury’s we went to town. We now have so much wine stored at our house, my Mum’s house and Harry’s parent’s house but somehow I’m still nervous we’ll run out! Help!

We’ve also sent out our invites and are in the process of chasing people for RSVPs (what is with that?!), met up with our lovely florist, visited our venue and have started to pay all our suppliers (ouch). We’ve also had our Stag and Hen dos, but they deserve a whole post to themselves.

Until then,

Lucy xx

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