Why have 1 hen party when you can have 2!

By April

Pick n Mix Coktail for the Occasion

I was privileged enough to have 2 hen parties this month and I wanted to share with you all what I got up to…

Most brides leave it up to their bridesmaids and best friends to organise their hen do, but me being me I couldn’t let go entirely! I admit it, I am a bit of a control freak and have to have everything planned out as I am not a fan of surprises. So my first hen do was organised by me…a pool party with afternoon tea with the girls from the office, my mum and MIL.

It was the perfect day for it with beaming sunshine which added to the atmosphere. We started the day off with some fun and games….a ring treasure hunt which got rather competitive and a quiz. Next was standard pool party practice, we got drenched trying to get on the pool floats in a ladylike manner. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea by https://www.31degreesleisuredays.co.uk/ then carried on the celebrations in our favourite cocktail bar local to us. It was a great day and I would definitely recommend this kind of hen party for a bride to be who wants a chilled one.

Next up was my hen do organised by my bridesmaid and best friends. Now I was constantly told off throughout the past couple of months for trying to dig for information! It turned out we were doing an escape room followed by another yummy afternoon tea (I am a total foodie) then a cocktail masterclass in a casino. The highlight of the day had to be the escape room, as it was something I would never think of doing myself but it was great! Unfortunately, we didn’t win and got locked in a cell as our punishment. I want to have another go soon though!

Bride To Be

The wedding is getting closer and closer, and weirdly I am getting calmer and calmer about things. We are just sorting the finishing touches now like the wedding breakfast music and table names etc.

What did you do/would you like to do for your hen party? I would love to know….DM me on Instagram @aprilmichellerichards

Not long to go now until the big day! If there isn’t another blog post for a bit, its because the next couple of weeks have whizzed by and it is then the wedding day!

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