Wedding mania- A whirlwind couple of weeks!

By April

Wedding Crowd Photoshoot-Behind The Scenes

So I have had an extremely eventful couple of weeks, first off with a trip to Liverpool to meet my very talented cake maker. You may ask which sane bride travels over 150 miles for their wedding cake? Well, the story behind this was that I was lucky enough to win my wedding cake through Instagram. On top of this, I also got the opportunity to take part in a wedding-themed photoshoot as well. At first, I was a little apprehensive, as I have never done any form of modelling before, but I thought all the more reason to get involved!

The location was remarkable and it was so much fun! Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot!

By the time I got back from the ‘North’, a realisation hit me that I have less than 8 weeks until the wedding! I think it was about time I booked a week off work to get things under control. I had a number of things on my list to do:

  1. Meet with the venue to go through the schedule and some final details for the wedding. We managed to get a glorious day, which made us fall in love with the venue all over again. We also took this chance to show our photographer around the place as well and discuss our requirements for photos.
  2. Have a wedding rehearsal at the registry office. I would recommend this to any nervous couple, as this certainly put my mind at rest. It was nice to chat with a registrar about what happens on the day. I also feel more at ease with saying my vows, which is what I was getting anxious about.
  3. My first wedding dress fitting! This made me very happy, as I got to try my dress on again. We also had a cake tasting and managed to shortlist the flavours for our cake…all were delicious!

In between all of this, we were able to fit in a little pre-moon to go and see a music concert in Birmingham. There was a problem with the seats we had booked, so we got moved by the arena. We must have been having a lucky day, as the new seats were so close to the stage and we had a pretty decent view.

Aside from all of this, wedding crafts have filled my evenings and I have so far made a chalkboard sign and I am in the process of hacking an old pallet into pieces to make another masterpiece.

Gosh, that is well and truly a whirlwind couple of weeks. The next couple of weekends I have my 2 part hen do. I will update you all on that another time. Hope you enjoyed reading this little wedding update.

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