Gorgeous Pheasant Feather Inspired Save The Dates & Wedding Invitations

By April

Hello there, whilst my other half is on his stag do in Prague, I thought I would check in to say although it has been a bit of a while since my last blog post, I am nearing the end of wedding planning with less than 8 weeks to go until our wedding.

Life has got crazy busy and I have only just sent out my wedding invitations (a big *tut tut* from all you super organised brides). I thought I would show you all what our amazing stationary looks like created by a good friend of mine who is a very talented designer.

In the wedding world, it is trendy at the moment to have handwritten calligraphy notes dipped in gold foil and printed on the world’s most expensive paper. This wasn’t important to me; all I really wanted was for everything to be coordinating. I am obsessed with making sure things are not mishmash’d for the wedding!

Save The Dates
Beer Mat Save The Dates

Beer Mat Save The Dates

As we are getting married in a micro-brewery, we thought it would be a very cool idea to have beermats as save the dates. Our friends and families loved these, as did we!

Wedding Reception Invitations

For the main invitation, I was told an important thing I needed to consider was the fonts used on the invitations. You need to choose the font size according to the size of the paper and don’t go for too much script font or it can look a bit fussy. (I got told to tone down my request for ‘fancy font’ and to break up the information with some sans serif). You don’t need to waste space by printing large fonts or huge sized logo’s on them. Also, keep to very simple graphics. We have our name logo and a simple pheasant feather to tie in with the name of our venue…The Pheasantry.

Pheasant Theme Invites

Pheasant Theme Invites

Hope you like our invitations and it provides a little bit of inspiration for yours!


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