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By Laura

Good Morning! Spring is fast approaching (thank goodness!) and I’m sure all of you March/April brides out there are getting really excited that the big day is nearly here! Hopefully you remember Phoebe’s post back in January about the honeymoon gift list service that Buy Our Honeymoon offer. Well, the team at Buy Our Honeymoon have been kind enough to let me have a play with their service and build my own list – and trust me, it is super easy!

You start off by writing up a little bit about your story and the honeymoon destination you have chosen. You have all the freedom in the world in this introductory paragraph so you can really show your guests that this isn’t a cookie-cutter gift list; it is all done by you and your personalities can shine through in this first section. As you can see from my page, I chose Zanzibar as my destination and sort of ran wild with the fantasy that I’d be going to Africa on my fictional honeymoon!

The next section is called the ‘List Preamble’, a chance for you and your partner to tell your guests what it is you want to use their contributions for. It’s a brilliant way to be as personal as possible and go into detail about all the fantastic things there are on offer while you’re away.

Now the fun bit! The tab called ‘List Items’ is where your gift ideas go. Buy Our Honeymoon have added some simple ones to start you off, but you can delete/edit these and add new ones. If you want to have different categories, you can change those in List Details too. So rather than asking your guests to simply make a contribution to your honeymoon, which you can still do through Buy Our Honeymoon, you can categorise activities into groups. For example, Buy Our Honeymoon have got 4 main headers:

Fun Stuff: Ideal for things like going on safari, water sports you want to do, excursions etc.

Wings & Wheels: If you’re super lucky and all of your list items have been contributed to/you’ve reached the target you set, your guests can chip in for your flights or any taxis/sea planes/trains you need to take to get to your final destination.

Wining & Dining: wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to have a candlelit dinner for two every night, with cocktails at your disposal and if that’s not enough, access to the mini bar without having to worry about a huge bill at the end of your stay? Well this List Item Header can do all of that and I don’t know about you, but food and drink would be a major part of my honeymoon!

Honeymoon Accommodation: Pretty self-explanatory but you could use this section to upgrade yourselves to the height of luxury – think over-the-water villas or being able to choose the room with the best view!

Of course, you can add/delete headers if you wish – the list is your oyster!

On each of the gift items that you add, you can make a choice about how many times the item appears on your list.  For instance, you can select the option for items to appear just the once and when someone has contributed to it, it disappears from your list. Alternatively, you can add a specific number of times your guests can “buy” the item, for example if your flights cost £300 you can split it into 6 chunks of £50. Or you can just leave the item open and see how many contributions you get!

Now to make it all look pretty! Buy Our Honeymoon have various different themes you can apply to your list so that when your guests visit your page it doesn’t look stark and boring, instead they’ll get a real feel for your honeymoon destination! I chose the Safari theme to tie in with my Zanzibar honeymoon but there is such a wide variety of different options, from ‘paradise’ to ‘zen’, that you’re sure to find the perfect look for your list.

I had loads of fun building my list and can genuinely say it is very easy to navigate your way around and make your list look exactly how you want it to. If you do get stuck, the team at Buy Our Honeymoon are super helpful and they’re only an email/phone call away if you’re not sure about something. As part of their service they give you 70 Registry Cards to put with your wedding invitations with the option of buying more if you need them.

Follow this link to see what my list looks like from a guest’s point of view:

If you’re looking for a unique wedding gift list that has the ability to involve your guests in your honeymoon then Buy Our Honeymoon is definitely for you!

Start your free trial today using promotional code SYGM, and Buy Our Honeymoon will take a massive 20% off their normal £55 one-off fee!

{This post is sponsored by Buy Our Honeymoon but we only ever work with brands we truly believe are brilliant.}


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