Doing it ourselves

By Lucy

Planning a wedding, I am learning, is a massive lesson in compromise. There are so many amazing things we would like to do, and we’re trying to balance that out with not blowing all the money in our savings account. DIY is a good money saving technique, which is a great idea in theory, but less so in reality when you’re as creatively limited as Harry and I!

Luckily for us, we are blessed to know some extremely talented people who have been so lovely in offering us their time and expertise. Hurray for generous friends and family!


My bridesmaid, Mary, is designing our lovely stationary. She’s super creative and we have similar tastes, so she has been amazing at putting my jumbled thoughts and ideas into one cohesive, lovely design.

Engagement shoot

We had a slightly awkward but nonetheless fun morning wandering around London Fields and Broadway Market with my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Freya. It’s so nice to have some professional photos for our wedding website and images we can look back on in years to come.


We decided quite early on that we wanted a wedding website. Thanks to Harry’s brother Matthew, we were able to bypass the often-expensive wedding website platforms and build our own.

Wedding Planner

It’s pretty handy to have an old childhood friend who is a professional wedding planner! Emma has been a constant rock, making sure we have ticked all the right boxes, offering up ideas and inspiration, and generally guiding us along the wedding planning road.

Raspberry gin

My mum’s friend Jane is making us some raspberry gin to serve to our guests during the speeches. It’s such a lovely thing for her to do and it’s little things like this which reinforce how lucky we are to have such a wide circle of friends and family willing to help us out. Harry’s Mum has also been getting busy with the wedding alcohol too (see below)!


Where can I start with Eve, my bridesmaid who also happens to be very handy with a sewing machine. Not only has she single handedly amended 6 bridesmaids dresses, but she’s also making one very important element of my dress AND my veil. If that wasn’t enough, she’s been great at putting up with my dress freak outs, of which there have been many. She’s doing all this whilst simultaneously working a full time job and planning a move to Canada. What a star!

Of course we’re still paying professionals for the things we can’t rope in friends and family to do. But our day is going to be extra special and heart-warming knowing how many of our lovely friends and family have pitched in.

Until next time,

Lucy xx

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