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You know by now I love a bit of Tilbury – the brand’s phenomenal and continued success says a lot about the calibre and innovation of the products, and there’s been an influx of newness for 2018 even only a few weeks in to the year. So time for some swatches on some newness, and thoughts on Flawless Filter and more.

Lipsticks – Opium Noir & The Duchess £24 each

A few new lipstick launches for early on in the year, and I couldn’t resist the beautiful Opium Noir, or The Duchess, both available only online.

The Duchess is similar to limited edition Pillow Talk – it’s a tea-rose Pink in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula (sheen) and is a super wearable spring pink – it looks like a blue pink, but on has an almost coral pink brightness to it. Here it is with Between The Sheets lipliner – a great bridal/spring colour suitable for loads of skin tones.

Opium Noir is a dark, berry crimson Matte formula – a vampy 20’s inspired colour which has good staying power and plenty of pay off. It bled slightly on me after a few hours wear, but for the most part lasted super well for such a dark colour.

Brightening Youth Boosting Glow

Anti-aging, colour correcting, youth-booster – so this sits more in the primer category, and you won’t see a big difference on the skin with this like Flawless filter. Claiming to be “a colour-correcting, moisturising primer with pearlescent pigments to even your skin tone and blur away blemishes. With anti-ageing and anti-redness ingredients including chlorella and Vitamin B3, this brightening skin potion is the perfect base for your makeup or to wear alone”, think of this as a product similar to something like Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, or a thinner Mac Strobe Cream.

This is a great base for makeup, and has a light, moisturising lotion type feel with a pretty rose scent, with a slightly pearly glow – so the more natural end of the “glow” spectrum (for the other end see the next product!) This is gorgeous on mature skin, on dry skin, and for a very subtle glow under makeup – and is also very wearable alone for your own skin but better. It slightly reduced my redness, but as this is residing in my kit and not my own makeup collection I haven’t been using it consistently enough to see a change in my skin. I like it – would I pay £38 for it? Possibly not (I get pro discount) – it seems pricey to me for almost £40.

Hollywood Flawless Filter { 5 shades, £30 each }

So this has been the topic of much conversation – what is it? Why is it only available in 5 colours? Well, it’s NOT a foundation, as many first believed it to be, it has a SMALL amount of coverage but is fundamentally a kind of highlighting base. I’m actually cheating by including this as I’ve only tried samples, and not bought the product yet but I will do (and will update pics when I do!)  I’ve tried it under foundation, alone, and on top of foundation, as the samples went a reasonably long way (not long enough to retain any product to swatch – I’m sorry!) I put the last scrap on over the top of Brightening Youth Glow and Light Wonder foundation (in the interests of keeping it all Tilbury).

The texture is pretty thick and it is super glowy – it is not the most flattering product on enlarged pores or texture without makeup, and honestly – I wouldn’t wear it alone, I think it has too many shimmer particles in and looks a bit alien-esque, but under foundation and/or patted on top it does look lovely. I’ve also got on the Vintage Vamp palette here which I just love – the perfect soft plum/pink collection.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these!

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Emily x

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Mali Taylor-Powell //

Hi Emily! Love reading your posts!

RE: Flawless filter, you’re right about the exacerbating big pores thing. I have oily skin and ginormous pores so don’t use it on myself at all, I find it works well on clients that have great skin. I recently used just flawless filter and some concealer to give an unbelievable glowy prom look on a 16 year old with no pores. For a 67 yr old that had no pigmentation issues or visible pores I used it all over the face and then mixed equal parts Light Wonder and Flawless Filter, put it on top and she looked incredible! I imagine if the last client touched her face too much it would have moved, but for a dinner and not a long day like a wedding, it gave the most amazing glowy look that she was after – highly recommend, she was just thrilled with the way her skin looked.

Mali x X