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Rarely has a brand managed to create such hype around a new mascara than this one, but Benefit clearly remain experts in the kind of guerrilla marketing tactics which mean you’d have to have been living on the moon to not see or hear anything of new mascara BAD Gal Bang! mascara’s launch over the last few weeks. I can’t confess to being the biggest fan of Benefit mascaras in the past, despite their raging popularity, but I needed a new mascara and thought I’d give this a go and share some thoughts here.

What are the claims?

  • 36 hour wear
  • streamlined brush
  • layers easily for big impact
  • massive volume without weighing down lashes
  • intense pitch black
  • smudge-proof and flake-free
  • water resistant
  • cone-shaped plastic wand
  • weightless finish to ensure volume holds

Before and Afters

The Verdict

Ok, so I would say firstly this is a pretty “wet” mascara – with a super light formula, the brush delivers a LOT of product so it is not for those looking for a super natural effect. It is definately super black and definitely gives lift, definition and drama as you can see.  My little blonde lashes are an absolute non-event at the mo – pregnancy has not been kind to my lash growth, and I seem to have lost a few patches (see above photo on left!) but on the side where I’ve more hair you can see this mascara make a massive difference.

All the before and afters I’d seen on Insta and on blogs I thought looked way more cloggy than the kind of thing I usually go for, and it definitely is not for the faint hearted – it is indeed, super black, and the skinny brushes’ 300 plastic bristles are not sparing with how much product they put on.

Like every other Benefit mascara, it is a total b***ch to remove, so be prepared for an oil based remover, and a good 5 minutes of massaging, or several cotton pads to remove even 75% – it’s not for lazy face wipe gals. I am a contact lens wearer which is never an issue with products ever, but I do find this – well, to say it irritated is too strong, but I was definitely aware I was wearing it at times – this mascara was slightly uncomfortable on occasion- it almost feels it has fibres in, but I can’t find anything that says it does. However, it doesn’t smudge, move, crumble or budge (and a lot of mascaras smudge on me) so it definitely wins on this front. One coat I think is more than sufficient – after two it does start to feel cloggy and difficult to separate (I like fanned out fluffy lashes personally) but if you just love a false lash look you’ll love. I did actually have one person ask if my lashes were real in the last few days which never happens!

In conclusion – if you like full, dramatic super black lashes which are less fluffy and more elongated then this is a great buy for you. There is a mini version available here {£10.50 for 4g} if you want to try a small size before committing, or the full size version is available here {£20.50 for 8.5g}.

If you try this let me know what you think!

Emily x

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Vi //

I. Love. This. 4d Mascara. I originally purchased it to just try a fiber mascara and possibly not have to mess with strip lashes anymore. My package arrived on time, I couldn’t wait to try it. Also I didn’t even curl my lashes and this mascara lifted them and gave them a beautiful curl. The fiber mascara looks great for evenings out and special occasions. My favorite thing about this 4d mascara is that I can wear just the magnifying gel and get beautiful longer lashes with more volume, great for everyday makeup. Definitely recommend for now and will update later on if anything happens.