Crazy regimes we try our best to stick to & getting prepared for the big day!

By April

So if any of you follow me on Instagram (@aprilmichellerichards), you will have seen that my healthy eating regime in the run-up to the wedding is being rather vaguely followed *cue most calorific doughnut consumption* and yes, it was definitely worth it.

Many brides in the run-up to their wedding want to look their very best and spend a couple of months cutting out the carbs, signing up for a PT at the gym and pampering themselves from head to toe. Well let’s just say I have started doing a number of things to get bridal ready, but there just happens to be one thing that tends to get in the way….Life!

So I started this year with really good intentions and I have surprised myself with a lot of the things I have committed to and stuck to …i.e. drinking more water and booking in regular haircuts.

Some brides really feel the pressure of getting married, as many booklets given out at wedding fairs state a costly and time-consuming 18month bridal beauty timeline where exfoliating on a daily basis is compulsory. Let’s remember that regardless of what you do, your big day will be perfect in your own eyes. So don’t go without, treat yourself to that glass /bottle of Prosecco and cake with the girls; no one is going to remind you of it on your wedding day!

Here are a few of my regimes that I have put in place:

  • Drinking a smoothie at least once a week, as my fruit intake has never been good *tut tut*. In addition to this, I am taking vitamins daily to ensure I remain healthy and not run down.
  • Starting in January, I booked some facials including microdermabrasion and CACI toning. I have chosen to do this not only to get my skin in better condition but to take time out to relax and not get too stressed out with a busy work life.
  • My fiancé and I are avid gym bunnies, and I have tried to mix up my routine to do some interactive classes to get toned all over.
  • Getting regular haircuts, as I have always been guilty avoiding the hairdresser and spending my money on other things like makeup. Closer to the day I am going to limit straighter use to prevent heat damage to my hair. We will see how that one goes!
  • Ensuring I do not deprive myself and having said doughnut every now and again! I am also going to celebrate my last Valentine’s Day as a Miss with my fiancé at a new steak restaurant opening local to us too.

I would love to hear if you have more willpower than me with your bridal routine, or if you are anti-regime altogether and having too much fun.

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