Let’s Talk About Venues

By Lucy

After some introductions and a bit of moaning, I think it’s time I finally get down to the nitty gritty of actually planning a wedding. Today I want to talk venues!

Although Harry and I live in London, we knew we didn’t want to get married here. I think London weddings can be really cool and informal, and there’s no denying that choosing to get married in the city we live in would certainly have made planning a lot easier, but we just knew it wasn’t for us. Our search for a venue therefore spanned across Northumberland where we both grew up, and Cumbria where my parents live.

When beginning our search, Harry and I knew what we didn’t want – a stately home or hotel. Beautiful though they can be, we both felt like this was too formal for us. We knew we wanted the venue to be in the countryside, we also knew we wanted somewhere a little bit different, that wouldn’t limit the suppliers we could bring in and would give us free rein with the decor.

We had a look around a range of venues that lived up to being a bit different, informal and flexible in both Cumbria and Northumberland. Here were some of our favourites:

A Marquee at Home

We’re lucky enough to have both sets of parents living in beautiful parts of the world, and at the beginning of our search we did discuss the idea of a marquee. It would have given us the freedom to bring in our own suppliers and shape the day exactly how we want it to be, but the idea of doing an entirely DIY wedding was a bit daunting. More importantly, up North the likelihood of cold, wind and rain (even in July) is fairly high, and we decided that we just didn’t want to risk it! As a side note, have you seen the price of a marquee?! It is by no means a cheaper option!

Lanercost Priory Village Hall: A pretty spectacular village hall that you rent by the hour. It is in a beautiful setting, couples can bring in any vendors they want and it is so affordable! I think if we had been on a really tight budget this could have been the one, but with strict noise restrictions we decided that it wasn’t for us.

Kirklinton Hall: With the main part of this house being a ruin, this was definitely one of the more unique venues we saw. As we walked around the venue sunlight was streaming through the open roof and I was swooning whilst imagining the photos you could get with that light. But again we were worried about the weather. Kirklinton Hall is a relatively new venue and are doing lots of work and renovations at the moment. If we’d been getting married a year later it would have been a real contender for us. It’s definitely one to look out for if you’re planning a 2019 wedding in Cumbria.

Knipe Hall: The name Knipe Hall conveys grandeur which this modest house doesn’t have. It is essentially a big old farmhouse that sleeps 12 and has two separate barns that can be used for wedding ceremonies, food and parties. It’s in the middle of nowhere so doesn’t have noise restrictions, they’re relaxed about vendors, it’s beautiful enough that you don’t need to do anything to decorate it but is also enough of a blank canvas that you can really make it individual to you. It also sits in the beautiful Lowther Estate in Cumbria, with lots of rugged countryside so there is potential for some really incredible photos! Knipe Hall ticked ALL our boxes! And you can rent it out for the whole week leading up to your wedding, which really sealed the deal for us.

I am absolutely in love with our venue! It has everything we wanted and more. We got a really good feeling about it on our first visit and just went with our gut, pretty much booking it there and then. Since then, I’ve had no wobbles on whether we made the right decision and I’m so excited to spend our wedding week in such a beautiful setting!

Until next time,

Lucy xx

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