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The wedding gift list for your dream honeymoon

Perhaps you’ve been with your partner for a while, and you simply don’t need the traditional department store stuff to build a new home together. You’ve already got all the saucepans and spoons you need. Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of filling your home, your wedding gift list could help fund your honeymoon?

That’s exactly the service Buy Our Honeymoon provides. It’s the wedding gift list for your dream honeymoon. Instead of kitchen chairs, your guests can contribute towards your plane seats. Instead of pillow cases, have the first night of your hotel stay. It’s beach sunsets, not cutlery sets. Perfect memories, not picture frames.

Buy Our Honeymoon have been the UK’s top dedicated honeymoon fund specialists for more than ten years, and their service is incredibly flexible — so you can put together your ideal honeymoon gift list.

Unlike a traditional gift registry of brands, quantities and costs, your honeymoon gift list tells the story of your plans together.  And unlike simply asking for cash, your guests will feel their gifts to you are meaningful and special, not just measured by how much they’ve spent.

It’s more personal, and more romantic. Your guests will love helping you fund your secluded water villa or your road trip adventure. It’s so much more fun to give you a couples’ spa treatment than it is to buy you a towel bale.

With Buy Our Honeymoon, you can include anything you can think of — from airport parking at Heathrow, to a helicopter tour of Manhattan; raiding the hotel minibar to private dining on the beach. Your guests choose from the gift list you’ve created and make a simple and secure online payment directly to your bank account.

You get the funds to make your honeymoon happen, while your guests get to choose a present that’s meaningful.

Buy Our Honeymoon’s service is perfect for both the simplest honeymoon fund and the most detailed itinerary. You can mix open contributions, group gifts and single items on the same list. You don’t have to have made all your plans in advance, and you can book your honeymoon with any travel agent you want. You can even simply invite gift suggestions!

Buy Our Honeymoon don’t hold on your funds until after your wedding — they’re available to you as soon as the payment clears. They don’t take their service fee out of the gifts you’re given and you can choose from a variety of payment systems to best suit your needs. It’s easy to set up and simple for your guests to use, with personal help available every step of the way.

What’s more, unlike most gift services provided by travel agents, your gift list won’t close too soon. You can accept gifts right up to your wedding day and beyond.

With unique international options, a range of beautiful design themes, and dozens of ways to customise and tailor your honeymoon fund, Buy Our Honeymoon is the perfect gift list to let your guests give you the world.

Start your free trial today using promotional code SYGM, and Buy Our Honeymoon will take a massive 20% off their normal £55 one-off fee!


This is a sponsored post working with Buy Our Honeymoon. You will know by now that we only work with the best, and brands we truly feel align with what we believe in at SYGM. The folks behind Buy Our Honeymoon are awesome and we feel honoured to work with them. 

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