Full disclosure of wedding splurging

By April

This is a bit of an odd blog post for me to write, as I have always been known to be really rigid when it comes to budgeting. Yes, I admit it, I am the girl that purchases yearly car tax just to save me a very small amount, but when it comes to spending on wedding related goodies…a completely new April has been unleashed. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the wedding budget spreadsheet like 90% of you brides do too, but if I am honest I entered the world of plush wedding boutiques completely unprepared and rather naive of how much things would soon add up to.

My first experience of the REAL costs of getting married was at my first wedding dress shop visit. I had a figure in my head for how much I would like to spend on a dress. I thought the first question the lovely lady in the shop would ask me was ‘What’s the budget?’ but she let me dig into the rails of silk, lace and diamond encrusted veils straight away. ‘Think about this purchase strategically’ the voice inside my head told me. Then I found myself drawn to a hanger which was showcasing bridal separate’s…something I hadn’t previously given thought to. A gorgeous vintage top paired with a tulle skirt. ‘Could this be the key to sticking to my strict budget’ I thought? Well…no was the answer to that, the top alone was more than some of the dresses in the shop! ‘Nice try’ I murmured to myself.

So where do I go from here…7 shops later I realised I could not apply my firm budgeting to tying the knot. This is the big milestone event which happens once in a lifetime, so yes, you can justify spending a little bit more on that perfect dress.  After all, there are other areas of the wedding where you can save, of which I intend to do, so no need to feel guilty at all!

On the other hand, I recognise in the excitement of wedding planning there are a few purchases made which can be impulsive, here are a few of mine….

Amount unnecessarily spent:

  • £35 on wedding magazines

there’s just something about flicking through something tangible with a hot chocolate and marshmallows.

  • £10 on false eyelashes I will never wear

go with your gut feeling and don’t let your MUA talk you into trying something that is just not you…after all you don’t want to look like someone completely different on your wedding day.

  • (Around £18 for a hay bale)

this would have been an unjustifiable cost if I hadn’t negotiated it FOC as part of our décor package. We are having a vintage coconut shy as part of our entertainment, which would be finished off perfectly with said hay bale for extra effect!

Wedding Fun & Games


Do I regret any of my unnecessary spending? Not at all, they make up part of the experience and have made me more aware of the following tip which I am going to try harder to bear in mind in future…

Cool off: wait 24 hours or more before committing to a purchase

Has anyone inflicted a wedding spending ban upon themselves? I would love to hear! DM me on Instagram @aprilmichellerichards

DISCLAIMER: This post is intended to highlight my experience and how the cost of weddings can soon add up, it is not to imply that a lot of money should be spent on getting hitched.

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