‘Distilling’ the perfect venue!

By April

It was a dull and cloudy day in May which just happened to be when lots of local venues in our area were holding open days. We had 3 locations on our visit list in surrounding Nottinghamshire:

  1. A quirky micro-brewery
  2. A modern mansion
  3. A Victorian stately home

We didn’t do a lot of research beforehand *covers eyes*, but I kind of already pictured myself at the Old Vicarage Boutique (number 2 on the list) from their dreamy Instagram feed.

First up was The Pheasantry Brewery which is positioned rather conveniently in East Markham for both families/friends travelling from nearby Nottingham and Lincoln. As we pulled up, the place instantly felt rather calm and secluded.

As we walked through the huge barn door my first thought was WOW how peculiar, but just wow! But was Oli feeling the same vibes as me? Hard to tell, but I think by the way he was sauntering around the place…of course, he was! We got to learn a bit about the history of the converted barns. The local area had been popular for Hop growing for around 150 years and in the early 18th century nearby Tuxford had its own Hop Fair. The farm buildings have been transformed from being left derelict and the quirky barn on the site is now a micro-brewery and more recently where weddings are held. Old maps also show there used to be a pheasantry for breeding and rearing game birds on site. This venue really is a hidden gem and is now known as the ‘Pheasantry Brewery’.

‘Surely it cannot be this easy to choose a venue’

Is what I said to Oli as we drove on our way to the next venue. Oli’s response was ‘Shall we sack the rest off and just book The Pheasantry?’ But we had to be sure!

The modern mansion was a lot busier with lots of newly engaged couples browsing. The venue was lavish and attention to detail was high on priority list. Each room had gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and the décor was luxe, but there was a magnet pulling us both back to the first venue, The Pheasantry.

Last of all was Kelham Hall and I think by that point we both already had our mind made up before we even walked inside. Again this venue was also lovely in its own way but The Pheasantry Brewery and its non-traditional ambience it is!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of our venue visiting adventure and looking back it was nice that it was a very laid back relaxed decision for us to make.

How many venues did you visit?

How easy was it for you to make the all-important venue decision?

I’d love to hear!

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