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Finding a perfect wedding gown can be stressful, as there are so many options to choose from. Looking for the dress from boutique to boutique has already become a tradition, but let us admit, it is extremely time and energy consuming, especially when you have so much other organizational responsibilities that need to be taken care of.

The wedding gown manufacturing industry has been calling for innovation. The industry started transforming several years ago, when new online players entered the market. Online shopping became an alternative to the traditional wedding dress shopping, but considerably cheap China-based online stores dominated the market. Most of these websites tend to sell knock-off products with poor quality materials.

No one wants to take a risk when it comes to purchasing a wedding gown, thus this alternative has not become mainstream and has not replaced the traditional way of finding a dream wedding dress. After doing research about possible innovations in the wedding dress manufacturing industry, we came across to a recently launched website, www.DevotionDresses.com.

They claim to sell premium quality wedding and evening gowns that are hand-made exclusively in Europe. Despite the fact that the website offers premium quality dresses, prices are significantly lower than what we are used to see on price tags, especially when it comes to tailor-made gowns. The reason behind breaking the unwritten law of negative correlation between quality and price is direct sales from producers to customers without any wholesalers in between the two.

We decided to order a dress from them to see for ourselves whether the final product fulfills their promises. We evaluated the website and its services based on the following criteria:

– Product variety and range;

– Service;

– Ordering process;

– Delivery time;

– Quality of the product;

Product Variety and Range

The first thing we noticed is that it is very easy to navigate on the website and they offer a vast variety of wedding and evening products. The dresses range from traditional to modern, from “tea length” to “floor-length” and are classified into seasons, styles, silhouettes, designs and decors.

Overall, the website offers over 1200 wedding gowns and after applying several desired filters, we still had 136 dresses to choose from. 

From our experience, the brand acknowledges that its customers come from all over the world and presents dresses that will definitely suit every taste and style.

It was a well deserved 5 out of 5 stars in this section.


On the website, you can find a Live Chat box, so we decided to check the quality and friendliness of their customer support team. In order to receive an effective feedback for our evaluation, we decided to challenge them by asking multiple questions starting from recommendations for choosing a dress, ending with delivery methods and duration.

Throughout our conversation we found interesting information about the sizing options. As appears, they do not only offer their dresses in standard sizes, but also in custom sizes, which means that the dress is manufactured according to the client’s individual measurements.

Despite our attempt of finding a weak point and continuous questions about every possible topic, the staff was very helpful and offered their assistance at every stage of making an order.

It is not hard to guess that from our experience, the service deserves 5 out of 5.

Ordering process

Even though we were offered assistance, we wanted to see whether it was easy to finalize the order or we would desperately need some sort of guidance. After going through over a thousand of dresses, we noticed that they do not only target customer of different styles, but also offer wedding gowns ranging from 650 USD to 9 900USD. These prices are surprisingly low compared to what they promise to deliver. Ordering the most expensive dress usually means that the gown is of the best quality and therefore, it would not give us an objective view of the products that are sold on this website.

Because of this reason, we decided to select a dress of a moderate price and started finalizing an order for the stunning “Fabrizia” wedding gown for 800 USD. Surprisingly for us, ordering a gown in “Custom Size” is free of charge. They have a step-by-step video on taking the precise measurements; it is not only highly recommended but also necessary to have someone to take your measurements. Despite the fact that we followed the video tutorial when we were retaking the measurements, there was a 1-2cm inaccuracy. Hence, I highly suggest going to a local tailor for making sure that you provide them with the accurate measurements.

Due to this reason we give 4 out of 5 in “Ordering process.”


Delivery Time

During our conversation with the customer support team, we were informed that estimated manufacturing time is indicated on every page of the dress. For us, it took 1 month to receive the dress at our doorstep, which is on par with the average time indicated on their website.

As it takes approximately 1 month to manufacture the dress, brides-to-be who have a wedding in upcoming few weeks do not have enough time to receive their dress. Even though it is understandable that making a tailor-made dress requires certain amount of time, long delivery time was the biggest downside of our experience.

For this we give them 3,5 from 5 stars.

Reveal (Quality of the product)

After waiting for 22 business days (manufacturing time + DHL delivery), we finally received the parcel. Once we opened the external packaging, we were pleasantly surprised about the effort that was put into details. The gown came in a cute branded box with a purple velvet hanger; a repair kit packed in a purple bag and a signed card. Though these details do not affect the quality of the product, it is definitely nice to see that someone took time to make your day happier.

The “Fabrizia” dress was simply breathtaking and once we put it on our colleague, it had a great fit and looked exactly like in the pictures. Even through unprofessional eyes, you could see that the material and the dress as a whole was of truly premium quality. Hence, in order to be sure about the quality before recommending it to our beloved readers, we decided to take it to a tailor for an examination.

The tailor stated that the craftsmanship was remarkable, the dress was sewn with a surprising precision to the provided measurements and that the fabric was indeed very luxurious. He was surprised to hear the price of the “Fabrizia” gown and stated that these type of dresses cost several times more than what we paid for it.

I believe it is not hard to guess that we completely loved this experiment and were honestly surprised by the result we got. Here is a short summary of our assessments:

Product variety5

Service 5

Ordering process4

Delivery time 3,5

Quality of the product5

www.DevotionDresses.com got 4.5 points on average, based on the above-mentioned 5 criteria. From our experience from this single order, we can only give a positive feedback on this European-based brand.

**Post made in collaboration with Devotion Dresses**

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