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By April

Hello! I’m April….soon to be Mrs W! (When I say ‘soon’…I am actually 5 months away to be precise, but I’m sure that will fly by)! I have a myriad of wedding magazines piled up on the coffee table and my evenings consist of the never-ending scrolling through Instagram. I have not quite got to the bottom of the hashtag #weddingvibes, which shall I note has over 500,000 posts! Here is a little bit about us and our magical proposal story.

At the #WEWAD wedding fair, Roundhouse Derby (Thanks to for letting me hijack your flowers)

More about my Fiancé Oli

A triathlon fanatic, who insists on dragging me to open water lakes to practice his swimming (the thought of even dipping my toe into a grim looking lake is not appealing at all)! I have a feeling if wedding planning was solely Oli’s responsibility, we would definitely have some form of extreme sports as the theme. Possibly involving him wearing a wetsuit and my grand entrance consisting of riding a bike down the aisle in a dress!

Oli taking part in the Dambuster Triathlon

Where did our wedding journey start?

Over 3000 miles away in New York and the ‘Big Apple’ certainly made a big impression! It was Oli’s first trip outside Europe; although it was very different it felt familiar…we crammed so much into 4 days! I am well known for having a strict itinerary when travelling, so when I asked if there was anything on Oli’s must-see list his response was Times Square. As I had earmarked all the sights and landmarks of the first day, we planned to go to and see the bright lights of Times Square at night which is where Oli got down on one knee! Not in a million years did I expect Oli to ask me to marry him in such a public place! Of course, I said yes!

As the next few days went by and we made our way through the city’s neighbourhoods, the reality of being a fiancée started to set in! We romantically strolled through Central Park, brunched in Soho, took in the breath-taking views on the 76th floor of the Top of The Rock and somehow ate the biggest pizzas on the world’s smallest table in East Village. A big part of what makes NYC so amazing is its atmosphere and I am so glad Oli chose this world-class city to ask the big question!

That is my little snapshot of us; I am so excited to tell you all about our venue in my next blog post!

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