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Afternoon all! I was browsing pinterest the other day looking for wedding cake backdrop ideas for a friend thats getting married. The venue that she is getting married at is quite strict on what can and cannot be hung or attached to walls so we were trying to find something that wouldn’t damage the listed building but would still make the cake cutting photos look awesome.

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We settled on maybe just using big pom pom helium balloons with pretty tassels but worried in 10 years time it would look dated. We then thought about paper flowers but we aren’t allowed to pin anything in to the walls so we would have to make it free standing…that would require a lot of time. I then received an email from Pixers. The initial email was written to inform me about their product, and that they were targeting bloggers not wedding bloggers. I was going to delete it but after clicking around I realised they may have the solution to exactly what we were looking for. Yes they do wallpaper, laptop stickers, prints and posters but they also do adhesive wall murals…

I know this is in a kitchen context but I sent this photo to my friend and thought how awesome the printed wall would look behind the white cake for photos and gold calligraphy Mr and Mrs written on to it! I am sure she won’t mind me mentioning she is having a botanical theme, lots of foliage, palms and greenery and we then saw this one…

Photo booth backdrop perfection!! She emailed the venue and asked if it was something that they would allow, to which they said yes! If you are interested make sure you double check that it is self adhesive as they remove easily without leaving a mark and then can be reused!

They could also be used for an engagement/hen party as I found this cute diamond one that would work well.

I then got a little carried away planning the rest of the venue as I found the wall decals section.

I just went back on to the site and there is a 35% off discount code (nothing to do with SYGM just noticed it) which is WALLMU35 but the offer ends tomorrow. In saying that I think it is all well priced. My friend has just measured up how much she needs and the cost of that compared to cutting out a million paper flowers for a backdrop is minimal.

There are so many patterns on there that I could keep showing you what I else I like but instead its just easier if you have a look on the Pixers website. Its a good idea though isn’t it? Also, the self adhesive paper can be stuck on to tables. I think long trestle tables covered in botanical palms would look cool, my friend said I was getting carried away…

This was a sponsored post in collaboration with Pixers but I am so excited for my friends wedding and seeing them in situ that I shall share images back here! 

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