A bride’s quest to find the perfect barn

By Sam

On first discussion we knew that we wanted a barn wedding. We also knew that unlike most bride and groom’s, we wanted to get married in Autumn. Queue the search.

Finding your ideal wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make. For us, we had a list of criteria:

  • The barn must be an origional working barn, not a purpose built one
  • There must be onsite accommodation
  • The option to bring our own alcohol, albeit corkage fees
  • Hold up to 150 people
  • Allow us to have live music.

I found compiling lists for each venue ahead of visiting them was really helpful. When being shown around these gorgeous venues it can be quite daunting and you can often forget to ask those all-important questions; can we have candles, can we have a band, can I bring a llama, to act as ring bearer? I’m joking, though apparently for some bride and grooms this is a must.

I relied heavily on Google to search for venues. We knew we didn’t want to stray too far from the Berkshire area where most of our guests would be travelling from.

First we visited Ufton Court on the outskirts of Reading. Whilst it was a lovely venue, we weren’t quite sold on the accommodation and venue size of Ufton Court. It was also missing that gorgeous wooden floor we wanted.

Next up we visited Old Luxters Barn in Henley-on-Thames. Luke and I first met in Henley so already there was some attachment to Old Luxters in its location alone. From the moment we stepped onto the cobbled courtyard we knew that it would be our venue. It has so much charm and suits our rustic styling perfectly.

See what I mean about the cobbles?

We never did visit the third venue; Lillebrooke Manor in Maidenhead. Similarly, when you find your perfect house and have your offer accepted, you dare not look elsewhere for fear of finding something better!

Our Venue

Now I am biased, but Old Luxters Barn is a beautiful wedding venue. An 18th century  converted barn, it has all the qualities you would expect from an old working barn; the wooden floor, huge entrance, wooden beams, candle sconces. It met all of our criteria, was available for the date we wanted and was within budget. Score! Plus the venue itself is part of the Chiltern Valley Winery, Brewery & Vineyard. Basically they make wine at our venue, another tick in the box!

If you’re looking for an original rustic barn venue for your wedding, I urge you to visit Old Luxters Barn at http://www.oldluxtersbarn.co.uk

Sam x

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