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By Delia

Don’t drop the new Wife!

Modern, vintage, rustic or something totally unique? Whether you opt for a Country, Beach or Destination wedding, finding your wedding style should also be a fun part of the process.

I found Pinterest really useful to gather ideas of things I loved for my wedding, but equally also sprawl through magazines and rip out pictures of anything that inspires you. Create a board if your feeling fancy. It doesn’t even have to be specific wedding themes, just include anything that you love which could inspire your style for the day. This could be anything from interior design or a specific piece of artwork. 

My advice would be not to go too ‘themed’ instead take an idea and dilute it. It’s the small details that count, for example the choice of colours and fonts. You can still get the essence of a theme without it feeling too much of a circus. I love to practice modern calligraphy and therefore I naturally had to include lots of this in our day.

Wedding Cake topper from Capola Designs

There are so many options out there but consider your venue and make sure your ideas ‘go’ with the locality of your wedding. Also the time of year you are getting married is important, a winter wonderland wedding would not quite work during August! So consider the time of year as well and the location.For me, it is really important to stay true to what I loved. I didn’t want traditional wedding shoes which I wouldn’t ever wear again. I wanted pink shoes. Pink shoes I could wear down the local with skinny jeans and a biker jacket. I fell in love with a pair of blush suede Dune sling backs and although not your traditional wedding shoe, it’s important to let your personality shine through.

The shoes!

With my wedding flowers I always knew I wanted vintage roses. My bouquet was made with lots of roses including Memory Lane roses and pheasant feathers. This was a good fit for our rustic country wedding and something different. My beautiful bouquet was from Little Thatch Florist . After discovering Amber on Instagram I knew I wanted her to do my flowers.

Wedding bouquet

With everything I love combined, our country wedding had a rustic theme with elements of vintage and boho. I loved how everything came together and I used lots of items from around my home to decorate the venue as well as making items, which shows my personality perfectly! 

‘Something Blue’ sewn into my dress

Finally, don’t forget those small details, they are the best bits. I have saved a little bit of most elements of our wedding, from a favour, to a napkin and a party popper! Memories will last a lifetime, like your marriage will too.

Mrs B x

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