My turn to Propose – How I asked my Girls

By Sam

It’s so important to make the right choice when enlisting your Bridal Team for the wedding. As nervous as I’m sure Luke was before he asked me, I was ready to pop my own big question. Here’s how I chose to propose to my girls…

Maid of Honour

I’ve known Danielle since we started our own Harry Potter appreciation society back when we were 13 – so naturally, she had to be the Ron to my Harry for our big day.

Asking Dani to be my Maid of Honour was one of the most exciting days. I planned the whole thing with her boyfriend. We met at a Ping-Pong bar in London. Luke and I arrived first and got the bubbly in. I haphazardly placed a proposal sticker over the bottle that I had made and when she arrived we got her to pop the cork. I had made a card with all my favourite pictures of ours over the years and wrote a gushy Harry Potter themed message inside.

Screams and tears inevitably followed.

Dani has been my rock throughout the entire wedding planning process. If I had one tip for any brides to be it’s to make sure you get yourself a Ron.


In addition to Dani I have 3 Bridesmaids; Tash, Lauren and Becky.

I’ve known Tash since we were about 13 and we’ve always been super close.

For Tash’s proposal, Dani and I went to Tash’s house for a little ‘happy engagement dinner’ (any excuse). I surprised Tash with a balloon reading ‘will you be my Bridesmaid?’ Again, screams and tears followed.

I met both Lauren and Becky at University when I was 18 and they’ve been my best friends ever since.

I surprised Lauren by rocking up at her date night with her boyfriend and pulled an amazing Love Actually style proposal with cards and a balloon. Queue, you guessed it, more screams and tears.

For Becky, she came to my house to stay. I laid out a photo frame on her bed with all my favourite pictures of ours from over the years with my final balloon. The final round of screams and tears.

And there you go, that’s how I assembled my ‘Bride Tribe’.

Advice for Future Brides:

Quality over quantity. You could recruit all your girlfriends and give them all titles, but you’ll end up with a very crowded aisle!

Sam xx

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