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Afternoon! So you may remember seeing I wrote about an awesome new wedding fair that you NEED to add to your calendar (29/10/17) well over the next couple of weeks we are going to be looking a little closer at some of the incredible suppliers you will be able to meet there, to make your day truly unruly.

I found choosing entertainment hard myself, and I often get asked if I can recommend anyone which is hard because it is such a personal choice, what you need is someone like Stormont London who sort absolutely everything for you. Sounds perfect right? The team behind Stormont have kindly given some advice when it comes to entertainment…

1. Tell us about what you do?

We are entertainment curators. Stormont London is a passion project that is rapidly growing into the UK’s most perfectly formed event entertainment agency. For our clients we dip into a hand-picked roster of acts and artists across music, magic, dance, circus, illustration, photography and film to create the perfect cocktail of entertainment for their wedding or event.

2. A lot of couples typically want a band or DJ at their wedding, what advice would you give them to pick the right one?

We suggest calling bands and DJs in general. On the phone you can get such a good impression of the level of professionalism that a supplier up-holds. We would also suggest sending the same brief (in as much detail as you can muster) at the same time to multiple providers / bands / DJs and agents so you can directly compare response times, tone of email, clarity of communication and so on. That will help distinguish the pros from the hobbyists. 

You can ask for testimonials but they can be fabricated. If their website doesn’t give everything you want, ask them for detail on the equipment they provide, photos of their setups, the amount of time they typically perform for, when they arrive, how much are extra idle hours and performing hours. Ask for as much detail as you like. The experienced pros who will really look after you will have all of this information ready to go in some form or another. Some may be too busy to put it in a beautiful brochure but you will definitely start to form judgements following their responses. 

3. What suggestions do you have if a couple wanted some really original entertainment at their wedding?

Our best advice here would be to balance your Googling time with some thinking time. Don’t spend all of your time searching for “original wedding entertainment ideas”, you will find it overwhelming and might lose sight of what you really want in a forest of options.

We would advise to spend good time thinking about what you want your day to be about, who you are as a couple, what your theme is, what kind of genres of art and music you are into and then go back to the search. It is not about novelty for the sake of it, your wedding should be about character.

Little tweaks and twists can make all the difference and can really help smooth the process. Good suppliers will have fountains of advice and tips. They’ll support rather than take control away from you.

4. What entertainment lends itself best to couples with smaller budgets?

For live background entertainment like strings, acoustic duos, jazz trios and so on  

If a client is looking for a wedding band we have a minimum budgetary suggestion of £1,500.00 – £2,500.00. DJs are often slightly cheaper as the main entertainment coming in at £600.00 – £1,200.00. Which is a similar bracket for many background music options such as jazz trios and string ensembles.

Bircan Tulga Photography

5. What should couples consider when booking entertainment?

If you are seeking quotes or finalising details make sure you are always very clear on arrival and departure times, size of wedding and equipment necessary. And always ensure you keep your venue updated an happy. You don’t want to find out some restrictions too late.

Key details to consider are: all on-site contacts, scale of event, address, access point, parking, performance location, equipment details, storage, green room, dress code, first dance, food provision and timings.

You can get tickets to the Unruly Show here! The Revelry team have been working so hard to create something unique and fresh for the industry and it is shaping up to be a wonderful day out of planning and creativity!

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