Scene 1: The Beginning of It All

By Heather

Hello lovelies!  If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you are either (1) a bride/groom-to-be, (2) completely obsessed with weddings, or (3) a hopeless romantic.  Well you are in good company, my friend, because I am all three and I would like to share my love story with you.

Let me first introduce my fiancé, Josh, and myself, Heather, because how can you really appreciate a good story without getting to know the main characters?

[Scene 1: The Beginning

Enter Josh.

Josh was the handsome, super cool surfer guy who played guitar, sang, rode a motorcycle, and was kind to everyone he met.  AAAND he shared my appreciation of art, feminist values, and love of intellectual conversation. *Swoon*  In short, he was the man I always dreamed of.

Enter Heather.

I was the perfectionist, captain of the university dance team, honors student, “Girl Who Did It All” who loved all things beautiful, with big dreams and a bigger smile.

Enter Josh and Heather, together.

We first met each other while working at a local restaurant and attending the same university, though our relationship wouldn’t begin for many months later.

After I left the restaurant to work as a legal assistant at a local law firm, Josh reached out to me to see if I would be willing to help him study for his upcoming Spanish exam.  That evening was the first time we ever actually spent time alone together, and after studying for about an hour or so, we talked for another six hours about any and everything.

It was then we knew that we had a special connection with each other that neither one of us had yet to experience with another soul.  We were so alike in the best of ways, and truly connected with one another.

Between the intriguing conversations, beach days, hiking trips, cooking attempts, and salsa dancing classes, we quickly fell in love with each other’s wit, kindness, intelligence, and passion for life.

As the months went by, we were there to love and support each other through the graduations, job changes, graduate school preparations, and whatever other curve-balls life threw our way.

Somehow, we knew that we shared the same soul, and that we wanted to spend forever with one another.

Stay tuned for Scene 2: The Proposal!

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