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Afternoon all, we have some pretty floral inspiration for you today! I have seen the trend for faux florals increase so much in the last couple of years as couples are travelling for their wedding, becoming more eco-conscious or becoming savvier at their spending, in a reaction to this the quality of faux florals are now incredible. No longer are they the silk straggly carnations you may have in mind, they are big blousy real looking peonies, beautiful full petalled roses and frondescence a plenty. One way of working them in to your wedding is with a flower crown. Though I am thinking these would be cute for any event, festivals, hen dos, Wednesdays at the supermarket…

photography | Aurelia Allen Photography

Colette established Aurelia Crown in 2016 when she was working as a wedding photographer, she bought a new lens to practice bridal portraits. It was then that she made her first flower crown for the model to wear during the photoshoot. The model purchased her crown and as a result her friend then requested a custom piece for her wedding and Aurelia Crown was born. Each piece is designed and created by Colette Allen in her home studio in Windsor, Berkshire. 

The designs are inspired by whimsical romance for her brides each bloom is carefully selected to complement each crowns chosen colour palette. The blooms and foliage used in the crowns are carefully sourced for the highest quality, the majority of flowers used are accredited by the British Florist Association. The flowers are delicately wrapped with floristry tape and coated with an organic varnish to ensure longevity. The flowers are then sprayed with a light organic aloe linen fragrance, wrapped and boxed with love. 

Its hard to judge the quality from images alone so Colette kindly sent me a crown so I could see how beautiful it looked in person. The flowers she used are gorgeous, at first glance I really don’t think you’d be able to tell they were fake, its only when you acknowledge that the flowers look perfect do you realise that they’re fake. You can tell so much thought had been put in to the flower placements too. Sometimes you are restricted by real flowers but with faux you can wiggle and find specific sizes. Ideal hey?

You don’t have the worry of wilting or damaging the flowers if you needs to restyle on the head. Also perfect for brides who want a flower crown but may suffer from allergies!

Currently crowns are sold through and the Aurelia Crown website takes orders for bespoke pieces. These pieces are created with each bride’s hair and dress in mind to ensure she feels truly beautiful on her special day

Colette hopes each piece is looked upon as a keepsake that can used to create memories.

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