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Afternoon! I have just finished writing up a week of weddings next week, so I hope you enjoy all of the inspiration. We are lucky enough to have our first blogging groom start soon so hopefully he will be able to cover a few male orientated blog posts for your grooms (or yourselves). In the mean time we have all the basics you need when planning a stag weekend.

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Every stag wants his last weekend as a bachelor to be one that he never forgets so when it’s down to you to do the planning, it can feel like the pressure is really on to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this fool proof guide to making sure his last weekend of freedom is one to remember.

Talk to the stag

It’s best to have an idea of what he wants to do so that he’s guaranteed to enjoy whatever you’ve planned, though that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few surprises in along the way. If he’s more of a night on the sofa than a night on the tiles kind of guy, that all day pub crawl probably isn’t going to be his first choice.

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Decide who’s going

He’s bound to have people he wants on the guestlist so make sure you’ve covered all bases. Childhood pals, uni friends, work mates and family are good places to start and social media will be a blessing in getting details out to everyone. Facebook groups are a great planning tool, just make sure you keep it private or there might be a few choice words from the bride depending on what you’re planning.

Decide on a date

Most stag weekends happen 3–4 weeks before the wedding and there are plenty of reasons why. It gives you all time to recover for the big day but it’s also ample time for eyebrows to grow back and embarrassment and hangovers to subside. Once you’ve got your guestlist sorted, get everyone together to decide on a date.

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Where is it going to be?

Whether you choose to plan something at home or abroad will mainly depend on your budget and the number of people going. A weekend overseas will usually cost more than staying in the UK and a tight budget might limit your options. There’s still plenty of fun to be had if you’re planning on staying on these shores though, whether you book a Cardiff stag weekend to take advantage of the best nightlife in the UK or choose the quieter alternative of a Bath stag weekend instead.

What are you going to do?

How you keep the stag entertained will depend on where you’re taking the party. There are plenty of daytime activities in Cardiff to keep your group entertained such as Welsh Games or a quick trip over the bridge for a Bristol stag weekend can provide you with a great night out harbour side or a day of adrenaline fuelled fun with West Country Games, paintballing or quad biking all on offer. If you’re going overseas, Amsterdam and Prague remain firm favourites for those celebrating their final days as a bachelor.

Get it booked early

There’s nothing worse than having a great idea, getting the whole party looking forward to an unforgettable weekend and then having to break the news that there’s been a change of plans because you forgot to book it. Our best advice? Don’t do it, don’t even risk it and get it booked early.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning the most important (don’t tell the bride) weekend of the groom’s life but by covering the basics, you can’t go too far wrong. The most important rule in organising a stag weekend? Have fun.

And try not to get arrested.

I don’t know much about stag dos as I have never been invited, nor attended one so I turned to my pals at Regional Games for help on a blog post on how to plan them and we put together this sponsored post. 

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