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I’m so sorry I’ve been quiet with my blogging recently! (Pretty sure I said this last time but at least I’m consistent…!) My blogging day is Monday and the weekends just seem to pass so quickly without getting a chance to sit down and even think about weddings.

I actually wrote this post for last week and forgot to post it (!) so some of my updates in a week have actually changed. We’ve JUST moved house and we’ve taken on a massive renovation project, so all of my time and money is going to be consumed in the house. We decided to move on before the wedding so that we could release the equity in our other property and have the money to fund the wedding. But it’s been pretty stressful sorting it all out and no doubt there will be more stress to come, but I still have to keep my head in the game for wedding planning!

Somehow though, amidst all the stress, I realise that I am in fact making progress. Two weekends ago I had my measurements taken for my wedding dress, and got to try the dress on again along with many others. I’m pleased to say I stuck with the original dress which means it definitely is the right one for me! I also strategically arranged my first hair trial for the morning of the fitting so I could get an idea of how my hair would look with the dress. I would recommend to anyone getting married to do this. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted my hair but when looking at it with the dress I completely changed my mind. I do now know what I need which is good but without this experience I could’ve been left feeling upset on the big day.

I’ve also bought my shoes (needed for the fitting) and we’ve bought our rings. I will do a blog post soon on ‘everything but the dress’ explaining the details I’ve chosen for the big day.

I’m also super excited because my wonderful friend has finalised the design for our invites and the final printed copies have just arrived! It’s all starting to come together. The one other big stress we had was booking a band, but we’ve finally found one and I’m so relieved as this had been a big worry. My wedding spreadsheet is all in order and we now know how much it’s going to cost us (pretty much) and where the money is coming from to fund it. So all around a big success!

Finally, I had a quick glance on ASOS and realised they had a lot of bridesmaid dresses that I liked back in stock. So I’ve ordered loads and currently in the process of meeting all my bridesmaids for them to try on. I’ve decided on having everyone in a different dress so it’s just about finding the right one for each individual. Fingers crossed this will soon be another box ticked!

Whoever said planning a wedding is hard… give me wedding planning over moving house any day.

My final most exciting update is we’re going on my hen do next week!! I’m soooo excited. It’s my first holiday of the year because we’ve been saving money for the house and wedding and I can’t wait for some fun in the sun with my girls in Barcelona. Look out for my next blog post where I’ll give you the full update!

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