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Double Wear is the UK’s best selling foundation, and Estee Lauder have been gradually extending the DW family over the last couple of years – alongside Double Wear Light we’ve seen DW Nude Cushion Stick Foundation (reviewed here), DW To Go, and now DW Nude Water Fresh Makeup joins the family.  One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that original DW users are pretty bloody loyal to it – the love they have for their favourite foundation runs deep and many won’t be convinced by anything else! So let’s see if this will do it for them (and who else will love it!)

So what are the claims?

  • Lightweight
  • SPF 30
  • Anti pollution
  • Light – medium coverage
  • Long wear
  • 33 shades
  • 30ml
  • Fresh, natural finish

Before and Afters

What’s The Verdict?

Well to begin, I totally rushed the colour choice – work has been manic as it’s full on wedding season at the mo, and I had literally 10 minutes to run into town and choose this. And, as is always the way when you are rushing, the EL consultant was on lunch, leaving me flapping over which shade to choose as the parking meter ticked!  I’d had it in my head beforehand I’d be Ecru, which is what I’ve had in the past with original Double Wear, but honestly I’d no idea if the colours were the same.  Both are 1N2 (neutral – I’m not on board with cool tones anymore, whatever people try to match me up with!) – but you can see below there is a difference swatch-wise, so I’d probably check your shade if you are an original DW user. I felt on my skin Nude was lighter, and I think I’m right, although original Doublewear does buff down to be slightly lighter than it looks as it’s so dense.

This definitely was not what I expected it to be consistency wise – this is a water infused foundation including a tri-blend of lightweight gels but it has a similar feel to double wear, just much runnier – I’d anticipated something more along the lines of Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua – a consistency with which you can feel hydration but isn’t runny nor creamy. This somehow is runny and creamy! Anyway, it wears pretty well – it is dewy, but it doesn’t skate around your face, or slide, just somehow stays in place despite a formula that almost feels like it shouldn’t.

If you love original Double Wear for it’s matteness, this isn’t for you – even with powdering it’s still not matte. If you love Double Wear for it’s “dry down and stick to your face through anything” formula, this isn’t for you either – it stays well but it’s not impenetrable. However if you fancy a change – something lighter, easier to work with, something for down days maybe, or summer – this is a great foundation. It’s also a good alternative if you have dry patches where your DW clings, or if you find it looks too dry by the end of the day, or if you struggle with it caking whilst applying.

For me it’s not a forever foundation, but it’s certainly something I’m happy to wear (it just doesn’t compare to my Power Fabric) I have to say, I did feel like it felt very slightly tacky on my skin on me – whether that’s because I’m used to something that has more dry down, I don’t know – but that is my criticism of it.

There’s a great shade range, and those looking for a medium – full coverage lightweight foundation with a dewy finish (but not light reflecting) will enjoy this.

You’ll like this if you like – Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water , Mac Waterweight (all three have virtually the same formula apparently)

Plus points – easy to use, buildable, flattering real skin finish, smooth application, hydrating formula

Minus points – a little slippery, does need powdering, can be felt on the skin, probably not ideal for oily skins, is also very runny so use with caution (still no pump Lauder – le sigh)

Best for – normal – dry skins, dewy finish seekers, mature skins, anyone who struggles with DW caking

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup is £32.50 for 3oml and available at all Estee Lauder counters and online here.

Emily x


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Everettnoche //

I was looking for a light foundation that looked like skin. Even though I read the not so great reviews to this product before buying, I tried it on a mall and bought it. I have used it for one day and I have to say I do like it. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone. Also, my skin has some lines, open pores and heterogeneous texture. The foundation applies nicely and looks natural. It does appear shinier after a few hours but blotting with a tissue solves the problem. I tried reapplying some product on my nose and under eye area after 3 hours of wear and it did a great job blending with the rest of the makeup. At my age you want a foundation that looks like skin and conceal wherever you need some concealing, you definitely do not want to wear a mask. I think some of the bad reviews come from people who like a heavy coverage, or who where expecting this foundation to be as full coverage as the regular Double Wear but creamier. This foundation looks natural, stays put and looks fantastic on skin. It has a light coverage buildable to medium. It is, as another commenter said, the perfect tinted moisturizer. I’ve tried B. Brown’s foundations aiming for them to look natural on the skin, however after a few hours my face looks like I’m melting. This foundation, even though it looked shinier after a few hours, did not make me look like I was melting. The foundation looks professional and grown up. ***Edit: I’ve been using the foundation for a few days. I still like the product a lot. Here are some details I’ve discovered while using the product that might be helpful for others: As all water based foundations, you have to work it into the skin until you feel that the product is no longer sliding over your skin. You have to blend it until you feel there’s no more product to blend. I find application with fingers works best. Also, it is better to do one light layer, work it into the skin until it is set, then add another layer wherever needed (or everywhere). With one layer the product does look like skin. With two layers the product sets in a powder like finish. With two layers it still looks very natural, it doesn’t set into pores but it does look like you are wearing foundation, not a lot though. It doesn’t look like a mask. Finally, I have noticed that if I don’t set the product with powder it looks much more natural and more importantly, it doesn’t get as shinny in the t-zone as when you set it with powder. I have always had the impression that powders are somewhat counterproductive for the purpose they are supposed to serve, especially if you apply them right after finishing doing your makeup. Without powder, the foundation stays put for longer, it does get slightly shinny after several hours but it doesn’t give the appearance that you your face is melting. By the time it does get a little shinny on the t-zone I find that blotting with a tissue is enough to make it look normal again, no need to apply powder at any moment. I am still very pleased with the product.