By Sarah


Steve and I tied the knot in Kirk Ireton on Sunday and it was the best day ever.

The rain held off, the ceremony was gorgeous and the party was wild!

My favourite part was seeing Steve’s face when I met him at the alter.

I also loved coming out of church. We got confetti-d, had the roping ceremony, then drove up the hill to turn the Mini round. When we drove down the hill past the church again to leave the village we beeped the horn and waved out of the window at everybody. Everyone waved back with really happy faces and it was just the nicest feeling!

I’m putting a few snaps here, in case you guys wanted to see! (Notice the veil… after ranting about how idiotic they look on me and swearing I’d never be caught dead in one, my mind was changed by my seamstress and I went the whole hog with a cathedral-length one!)


Thank you for joining me on my journey to the alter and I hope your wedding goes terrifically.

Today (Wednesday) I’m writing thank you cards and packing for the honeymoon. When this post publishes tomorrow teatime, we’ll be on the runway at Manchester airport, bound for the gulf of Thailand! So ready for some relaxation and quality time together, after a thoroughly magical but extremely hectic few months.

I can’t believe it’s a whole six months since my first post! I’m going quiet now after this post as I’m officially no longer a bride but a newlywed! If you’re hungry for gossip do request to follow me on instagram @sweetpeasandsighs.

Thanks Phoebe for making me a blogging bride and letting me contribute to the very wonderful So You’re Getting Married. It’s been an honour and delight!

-Sarah- x

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