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Happy Monday to you all! How was your weekend? If you’re missing my Weekend Edits you can read them over on my lifestyle blog Simply Weekend. Let’s get in to today’s wedding! You may remember I blogged a beauty from Joaquín last week, well we have another wedding from Spain today too. Lorena and Pablo didn’t have a theme but used their roots as their inspiration, the overall feel of the day is natural, relaxed and authentic.

photography | Joaquín González

Peluquería Suárez

www.peluqueriajuliosuarez.es | IG: @peluqueriasuarez 

Bride’s makeup: Avohai

janatagarro.es | IG: @avohai_belleza | FB: @avohai.belleza

Beba’s Closet

www.bebascloset.com IG: @bebascloset | FB: @bebascloset

Headdress: Les Cocons

lescocons.blogspot.com IG: @tocadoslescocons | FB: @lescocons

Styling and veil: “El Ático de Granvía 3” http://www.granvia3.com FB: @granvia3 | IG: @granvia3

Palacio de Agüera, Asturias.

www.palaciodeaguera.com | IG: @palaciodeaguera | FB: @palacio.deaguera

Floral Gala (bouquet) & Pando Floristas (decoration)

www.floralgala.com | IG: @floralgala | FB: floralgalagijon

www.pandofloristas.es | IG: @pandofloristas | FB: https://www.facebook.com/Pando-Floristas-279082055495622/

This is impossible! Everybody! Maybe one we did not expect. At the end of the cocktail (it was already night) we approached to greet the musicians who were playing live, and they started to play The House of the Rising Sun. We danced the song and at that moment, although we were surrounded by people who looked at us, we thought we were alone. It was very intimate and very special.

For other brides, I would recommend a moment that I enjoyed very much. Before starting the ceremony I asked my friends to go upstairs to the room where I was preparing with my family to toast with champagne and be together for a while since it is then more difficult to find time to be with people. Had a great time and helped me relax.



We did not have a theme as such. But we are very attached to our roots and many things we chose were related to what we like most of Asturias, and also Galicia (the place where we live now). At least that’s what we believe! We looked for many details related to this: the ceremony ring holders were small “madreñas” [[Joaquin: Traditional Asturian footwear made of wood]] made by a craftsman, flowers (there were plenty of hydrangeas), artisan beers from small Asturian producers, white wine from a small Galician winery, cider, pulpeiro [[Joaquin: Cook specializing in octopus cooking]], the assortment of Asturian cheeses, the musicians who played Celtic songs during the cocktail, the details (glasses of cider)… Many details that are doing a whole.

We spent ten days in Italy. Rome, Florence, a few days’ drive through Tuscany (we highly recommend it) and Venice. We enjoyed it very much, it is a route with many things to see, but perhaps we missed having made some calmer days to rest.

What was fundamental for us was choosing the place where we were going to celebrate the wedding. We are convinced that that conditions everything else, so we recommend to the couple that they take their time to decide and go to visit all the places in the world … we had to do until we find ours. In our case it is a typical construction of Asturias and from the beginning we found a place with a lot of character, so we managed to create the atmosphere that we wanted without having to use many elements of decoration. We put many flowers, and little else because even the furniture they kept in the house served us for the ceremony, cocktail and party bar.

Another tip we would give is that all the time you invest in preparing your wedding, in the end it is definitely worth it. So, even if it is heavy and sometimes frustrating, we would tell other couples not to be discouraged, and to make all the decisions they can about their wedding.

Where did you find your inspiration? Finding a wedding blog or an Instagram account with things that go with your style is like having a gold mine. But above all, Pablo and I thought about the things we liked and tried to have them present at our wedding. So many things did not come out of other weddings. That yes, this makes the organization more difficult. For example, it cost us a lot to find the rings holders, to buy the craft beers, the “pulpeiro” [[Joaquin: Cook specializing in octopus cooking]], the details …

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