By Sarah

Wedding excitement is mounting big-time here in Derbyshire! I’m thrilled at the thought of seeing all our friends and family together in Kirk Ireton Church at 12.30pm on Sunday. And I just can’t wait to see and hear Steve and his friends playing music in the evening. Plus I’m looking forward to all the fireworks, champers, raspberry crème brûlée and every other sensory delight that’ll be going on at our reception party!

But there is one prevailing thought that keeps popping into my head and it’s this that fills me with the most tremendous fizz of excitement of all…

Every time I glance at Steve I think: this time next week, he will be my husband.

I could easily launch into a sentimental ode about the amazing man who I’m about to tie the knot with, but I’ll spare you an encyclopaedic-length post! Only that he is the best man I’ve ever known…that he’s everything I’ve ever dared dream of and more. Being engaged has been such a happy time but I’m beyond excited about the life we’re going to share together. I just want to be married to him.

See you on the other side!

-Sarah- x

Image Nato Weldon for Brides Magazine

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