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My glitter obsession began a long time ago – as soon as I discovered makeup, the textures of anything iridescent and sparkly just fascinated me, and now it seems the whole world is currently feeling the same, as festival -style chunky glitter is suddenly absolutely everywhere! Social media is awash with sparkles – on faces, in hair, and on bodies {including in some places that we maybe never thought we’d put it!} It’s also reached wedding world, as festival style glitter application becomes the latest reception trend.

This is not a self serving post, I promise, but on the back of this phenomenon there are a lot of businesses now (like my own) which offer festival style glittering for guests at hen parties, wedding receptions and parties – it actually works so well at events because anyone can have it on, regardless of age or gender, and honestly, most people love glitter. My life has subsequently been consumed by glitter when I decided to launch the Love Moi Glitter Bar  after repeatedly being asked if it was something I could offer, and against my expectations, the Glitter Bar is being booked for lots of different types of weddings – yes, plenty of festival-style receptions, but also for more traditional wedding venues and styles too. I loved the idea because I think people are always looking for something fun and memorable, especially for weddings, and I’m guessing it’ll be an idea people continue to embrace for a while!

Get The Look 

It’s actually pretty simple to apply glitter like this if you fancy a go for yourself  – you’ll just need a gel to apply like this either this, or this glitter fix (you can use vaseline if you like, but it will move if you touch it or catch it on anything, whereas with gel it will dry down and stay put more successfully)

If you pop the gel onto the area of your face or body that you want to glitter, and then use a flat, paint brush style brush to push on the glitter to the gel, it will stick and within minutes be touch dry. Removal is messy so if you do not want glittery sheets/house/clothes, brush off the bulk of the glitter before you get home! Also make sure if you choose to put anything around your eyes that it is cosmetic grade glitter which is suitable for purpose and not dangerous to be near the delicate eye area.

My fave sources for chunky glitters –

Dust & Dance

Gypsy Shrine – Topshop Oxford Street pop up & here {they also sell some amazing chest and forehead pieces, like the one I’ve got on in these photos}

Peace, Love & Glitter

Emily x

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