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Calling all control freaks!

If, like me, you don’t want anyone else getting their mits on your face just before your wedding then a bit of forethought is essential when it comes to doing your own bridal makeup.

Obviously, you want your skin looking as radiant as can be because good skin is key to makeup looking good. I’m a loyal disciple of the Clinique counter and for 12 years my skincare routine has rotated around their dry, sensitive skin products.

I’ve been double-cleansing with Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser and focusing on really working it into the skin on the face and throat. I’m not sure why that’s good. Something to do with circulation? Or just getting all the makeup off? I would advise massaging it in gently if you have sensitive skin as I do. Then I follow by sweeping Clinique Clarifying Lotion No 1 which gets rid of the dead cells that cling to the surface of the skin. Doing this makes the Clinique Dramatically Different Cream really absorb and then you get a soft, clean canvas to apply makeup on to.

I try to remember to use the Laser Focus Eye Cream but usually I forget. If I’m having a really bad skin day, I use the Clinique Overnight Moisture Surge Mask and I do really notice the difference. Mostly I am having a bad skin day because I’m either a) stressed about stuff b) over-tired c) de-hydrated or d) been drinking wine. Often all of those things. And then I’m also more likely to forget to do any of the above and go to bed with all my makeup on and wake up with unclassy mascara streaks all over my pillow.

Makeup-wise, I swore by Clinique Supermoisture Makeup Foundation for years and years. But then they selfishly discontinued it a few months ago and I panic-bought this as a replacement on the advice of the Clinique lady in Boots. Sadly, it was really not the same. Not enough coverage and it didn’t blend very well onto my face. I ended up giving it to my sis who, a little less dry in the skin department, totally rates it. After lots of online research and trailing around the highstreet collecting samples, I found out about Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation and I must admit it’s even better than the Supermoisture stuff I used to buy. I have, like Judas, now abandoned Clinique foundation and switched to Laura Mercier.

My hero, Lisa Eldridge, always goes on about how your bridal makeup should ideally be like your ordinary day makeup but with more longevity. I usually wear the Laura Mercier SPF primer underneath my foundation but Saint Lisa of the Eldridge recommends scrapping primer on your wedding day because it makes your makeup more inclined to slip. She suggests blending small amounts of foundation in really thin layers on the face and neck because it makes it last longer. She also advocates the pinpointing technique which is all about creating a more natural look. She talks about it here properly but it basically involves dotting concealer here and there to cover up any blemishes – thus requiring the application of less foundation and a rejection of the time-efficient ‘trowel approach’ that I favour on most days. I purchased this No7 one for this purpose but I would have bought this Laura Mercier one if I’d been feeling less skint (I had to fork out for the wedding photography this month).

She also says to use a tiny brush over a chunky one for your powder and just use it where you really need it so you don’t get that cack-handed look. I can’t quite bring myself to convert to this approach; I’ve always loved applying a good dusting of my Rimmel powder with a giant brush whenever I need perking up during the course of the day. It smells amazing and feels really soothing on my skin that is so often irritated. But maybe I need a translucent finishing powder that’s good for dry skin, like this Hourglass one, for a more natural look? The only thing is it costs forty quid and the Rimmel one was £3.99 and I already have it in my makeup bag. Hmm.

Lisa E also says that you should avoid light reflective products on the wedding day because it makes you look like a shimmery, shiny loon in the wedding photos. With this in mind, I am relegating my lovely Laura Mercier Orange Blossom blush to the bottom of my makeup bag in favour of this No7 Blush in Damson Mist.

It was actually 3 for 2 at Boots No7 so, along with the blush and the concealer, I also bought the No7 Lip Pencil in Nude because Lisa told me to. Apparently it’s one of the best for making your lipstick stay on. Speaking of lipstick, I’m going with my trusty old MAC Creme Sheen in Hot Gossip. I also like the MAC Lustre Lipstick in Syrup one but Hot Gossip stays put better.

For eyes, I’m doing something like this with my Urban Decay Naked Palette, my Clinique High Impact Mascara (keep getting them free with all those skin products!) and a coat of Waterproof L’Oreal that I found in the bowels of my makeup bag just in case I get emotional, tear-up and then turn into a panda bride. I’m also wearing L’Oreal Liquid Eyeliner because I always do. I feel a bit naked without it.

That’s enough from me. I have to go apply the aforementioned overnight mask.

-Sarah- x

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ninegrandstudent //

I have to say, I’ve never found anything on the Highstreet to compare with Hourglass powders…