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Morning all! Welcome to another week on the blog, we have the usual pretty weddings, editorial shoots and advice pieces but today we are looking at a part of wedding planning that can be quite hard. When the big things are out of the way, venue, dress etc it’s down to the nitty gritty detailing of the day. You are often booking things for the first time and it can all get quite confusing. One thing I found particularly was catering. 

One of the complications I had was if we were wanting to find caterers ourselves then we would have to supply drinks etc. It all got quite confusing with what venues would allow so we opted for a venue that just sorted out everything for us. This was back in 2010 when choice was minimal and options weren’t nearly as pretty as they are today, especially The Yorkshire Bartender.

When Callum got in contact, I had a quick look on his website and loved it straight away. All the important information was there, it looked clean and contemporary. His service  and style was exactly what we wanted for our wedding, it just didn’t exist yet.

Callum offered to treat me and 5 friends to an evening of cocktail tasting and making. I thought this would make much better content that an average supplier post, and it meant I actually got to try out his skills (gin). He sent me a questionnaire to fill out gauging what kind of drinks and flavours I liked and didn’t like. Yes to gin/vodka/prosecco/whisky nothing too sweet/sickly, he used this information and created our own bespoke menu for the evening.

Callum arrived on time and set up the pop up bar. I was worried about how much space he would need but he fit the bar in perfectly in front of the sink in the kitchen.  He describes Yorkshire Bartender style as ‘rustic boho meets divine luxury’ and he fit perfectly in to our new modern yet traditional kitchen. He offers a superbly rural and fully customisable bar which creates ‘beautiful drinks for beautiful events’. And oh how I can testify to this! He supplied all of the beautiful glassware (which is also available for weddings and events) and the cocktails he made were out of this world.

Every menu which Yorkshire Bartender creates is done from scratch so if there is a certain, cocktail, spirit, larger or ale you want for your big day then the Yorkshire Bartender will do their best to source it for you. However, if you’re not too sure what to go for, they can make suggestions on best sellers through a questionnaire that they send to find out abit more about you and base their suggestions on your tastes. No suggestion is too big (or too small).

Callum knew I loved gin so a few of the drinks were tailored to this. The Lavender Lady tasted of parma violets (another favourite of mine) but I think the winner of the evening was the Yorkshire Garden which was Gin, Elderflower, Cucumber, Mint, Lime and soda. I was also surprised by the Yorkshire Pornstar which was Vodka, Passoa, Rose, Strawberry and Pineapple. I am not usually a pineapple fan but Callum assured me it would work and looking back, I think that may have been my favourite of the night.

I was worried about having a stranger serve us drinks for the evening. I thought it was going to be awkward like in Come Dine With Me when they have after dinner entertainment and everyone sits in silence but Callum fit in with a group of cackling girls like a duck to water. You could tell that it wasn’t his first time, and he was an utter pro not only at making exquisite cocktails but also the showmanship and the banter behind being a superb bartender. The girls and I all felt at ease with him and it felt like having an extra friend there by the end of the night. In fact, we all text the following Friday “when is Callum coming round”. I can only imagine he would be an excellent asset to your wedding.

On top of running a fantastic bar for your wedding, the Yorkshire Bartender can also arrange all the other little things such as arrival or toast drinks and table wine. Why not have a decanter of a cocktail of your choice for people to serve themselves; or instead of arrival prosecco why not have an arrival cocktail or sparkling cocktail. We are already discussing who has a big birthday coming up next as an excuse to use the Yorkshire Bartender again. It was such a great night and I will be dreaming about Lavender Lady’s and Yorkshire Pornstars (!) all summer.

You can find more information here about hiring the Yorkshire Bartender, and find Callum on instagram for behind the scenes images and mouth watering drinks.

Flowers were supplied by Leafy Couture and made me happy for days after.

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