YOMO (You Only Marry Once)

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If this phrase hasn’t already been coined, we’re claiming it. Last week, when Paddy and I were making wedding plans, and subsequently worrying about our spiralling budget, Paddy just uttered ‘YOMO’ and we fell about laughing. We also realised it was a pretty accurate summary of why sometimes you should just throw caution to the wind and say sod it, YOMO. It’s the bridal equivalent to Hakuna Matata.

Before being engaged, it’s natural to have a very unreal expectation of wedding planning, that involves having anything your heart desires, at a fraction of what it realistically costs. When it comes to actual wedding planning, the reality is vastly different. You have to stretch your budget just to have the essentials, and you can find yourself questioning what you really want.

Unless you’re rolling in money, there are going to be some compromises along the way, but the important thing to remember is YOMO (if you get it right). There is the constant mental battle between ‘it’s only one day’ and ‘yes but it’s the biggest day of my life’, and when you’re stuck on a decision, you got it: YOMO.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we be silly here. When we looked at getting a beach villa on stilts in Bora Bora for two weeks and it came to £50,000 before flights, that is not a time to say ‘YOMO’ (or is it?!), however when deciding between a few extra guests, a bit nicer food, better quality accommodation, YOMO is always the way. You don’t ever want to look back with regrets you could’ve done it better, so make sure you do it your own way and if you’re lucky, you’ll only marry once!

Good luck with your planning ladies, let me know how you get on!

On another note, we went back to where we got engaged this weekend and it was so lovely to be there. We got engaged on new years eve so it was late, dark and cold, yet we returned to the same location on a hot, sunny day and it was lovely. It’s little moments like that which remind you it’s all worth it…


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