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Summer has arrived! It finally seems to be time to enjoy some sunshine {let’s not scare it away} and with it, time to lighten up on the makeup front and enjoy colour and glow.  Although might not be quite tropical yet, I’ve been playing with some of the Kiko Tropic Heat collection is the perfect way to inject some affordable colour and texture into your makeup bag. I am partial to a bit of Kiko – I’ve got a few things in both my kit and personal collection from the brand, and although there’s been a couple of misses, there’s also been rather a lot of hits for me, which given that their price points begin at £3.90 I think is pretty good going.

This capsule collection is mostly colour and texture – nails, lips, cheeks alongside a brush and makeup bag.  These bits arrived to try – and I absolutely love the Dewy and Lip and Cheek sticks (£7.90) – at first I figured they’d be too slippery for me as they are super wet look, as you can see. However, if you apply with care these are super flattering on the skin, and give that real fresh skin glow {that said if you are oily, either apply with care a way away from your shiny zones, or avoid in lieu of a powder}.  When I wear them I get so many compliments on how glowing I look! With any type of stick product, it’s always best not to apply it directly to the skin – 1. it’s not super hygienic, and 2. if you do this over foundation it will move it and you’ll end up with patchy base. Just pop a little on with either of your fingertips or apply to a brush and then stipple onto your cheekbones/cheeks depending on what you are applying.

Nail Polish in Juicy Purple

The polish is not on my fingers above (as you can clearly see – didn’t realise they needed doing until I took this!) but I’ve had it on my toes for a few days and it’s not chipped or moved so far (I’m using Rimmel Gel Top Coat on everything at the mo). The brush I can take or leave as I’m really really fussy on what brushes I like, but as a collection I think this is a cute, affordable way to try some wearable colours for summer.

Available in store and from Kiko now.

Emily x

*contains press samples, but as always – if I don’t like it and wouldn’t buy, I wouldn’t write about it!

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