By Sarah

An absolutely splendid time was had by all at my hen, last weekend! Thank you to my mum, dad, sister and bridesmaids for making it the most special day.

The hen meet was at my house and we had a makeshift buffet brunch with bagels, berries, bucks fizz and so on. I loved having all my special ladies in one place but I did have this constant urge to press an imaginary pause button just so that I could really savour it and spend a while talking to each and every one of my lovely friends.

After brunch, we got into various cars and drove to Emma Bridgewater in Stoke for pottery-painting and afternoon tea. Drawing and painting is really my thing, so I was very happy to be surrounded by brushes and paints for a couple of hours. The afternoon tea was fabulous and all served on pretty Emma Bridgewater designs.

Then we drove back to Kirk Ireton for the evening party at Mum and Dad’s. Dad ended up being the silver fox among the hens but to be honest he’s used to being the only man in a house full of women (even the cat’s a girl) so he didn’t bat an eyelid – even when the willy-shaped sweets got passed round. Mum and Laura had cooked up a feast with Aperol Spritzs, amazing anti-pasti and yummy lasagne. We also drank a lot of prosecco before fun games arranged by my bridesmaids (a highlight was watching Nana eating jelly with chop-sticks) and the inevitable alcohol fuelled disco-dancing!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…so, I thought I’d share some up-close-and-personal photos of my hen-do:


…and sleep!


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Lateefah //

Looks just like the sort of hen do I would have! Pottery painting and an all girls house party! Let me send this link to my girls so they know just what to plan for mine when the time come….lol