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Buying a new lipstick is one of life’s best small pleasures. I probably own in the region of 120, but I have to say I’ve never counted– it’s rare there is any less than 10 different lip glosses and sticks in my handbag (we counted at the airport in Greece in a moment of boredom and I had 23). I do feel I’ve stumbled across some beauties recently, so it was time for a little updated favourites.

Too Faced Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss

I’ve had mixed emotions on the lip oil front in the past. I so, so wanted to love the Lancome Juicy Shakers, and for about 10 minutes after applying I do, but on me that’s as long as they last – no sooner on than off. The Two Faced Peach Oil Lip Glosses have a completely different texture, feeling more like a gloss than an oil. I am obsessed with this colour {Peach Fuzz} – it’s moderately opaque with plenty of pigment so offers more colour than your average gloss, but is also hydrating, with coconut and peach oil, and Vitamin E.  Plus it smells and tastes like peaches (not for everyone I know, but I’m sold)

Mac x Alessandra

I try not to be but I am a smidge obsessed with Alessandra. If you aren’t one of her 140k instagram followers, she is Glamour magazine’s beauty director, and one of the Influencers chosen to design for Mac’s new  global collection of lipsticks (creating your own lipstick – career goals). This is the perfect neutral rosebud pink, with a lustre/sheen finish. Your new everyday wear.

Charlotte Tilbury ~ Valentine

I’ve already had a couple of clients wear Valentine on their wedding days (after I raved about it at their trials), because it is just the most gorgeous nude petal pink with the creamiest, most flattering texture. I have bought two for my kit, and keep the first I bought for myself – this is an online exclusive, but I’m not sure whether its here to stay (I bloody hope so!) Described as having a 1960s influence, if you like Mac Cream Cup, or Tilbury Kim KW, you’ll love this.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

Do you ever buy something, ignore it for quite some time and then suddenly rediscover how great it is 6 months later? Possibly not if you don’t buy the volume of makeup that I do, but I do periodically have a little sift through my kit and find hidden treasures. In this instance, I realised I’d somehow accumulated quite a few of these Nars pencils and after wearing a few of the matte colours for a few days, I realised how easy they are for on to the go, and how much I like the texture of the matte pencils. Again, a few of my bridal clients have used these – the matte are long lasting, and they are so much easier than a liner and stick.  Bettina is my current favourite, being a cool toned dusky pink, but I plan on buying more super soon!

Mac x Alessandra

Other current most used Nude lipsticks in my kit

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect

Illamasqua Rose Pout

Nars Chelsea Girls

L’oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in JLo’s Nude

Emily x

*post contains PR samples

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