By Sarah

It’s my hen-do on Saturday and I’m struggling to contain the excitement. After all, what could be better than getting all your favourite women together for a day of complete decadence?

Some brides-to-be decide to go the whole hog and jet off for a city-break or a beach-laze with a full-on bride tribe. Then there’s the other extreme: those who merely book a table at the local Chinese restaurant and bulk order the prawn-toasts and prosecco.

It’s incredibly personal isn’t it? I’ve chosen not to go away for a hen-do for a few reasons:

First, I’m really looking forward to having my hen-do at home in Derbyshire. Being boyfriendless at various intervals during my twenties, I took advantage of every opportunity to go on tour with my female friends. With my gal-pals, I’ve sipped cocktails in a plethora of European cities, sunbathed on a myriad of Mediterranean beaches and frequented trusty old Ryanair, Jet2 and EasyJet like Holly Golightly frequents the window at Tiffany’s. Now that I’m in my thirties, lots of my circle have bigger responsibilities (demanding jobs, adorable infants etc) that make jumping on a plane for a mini-break a bit tricky and it will be just as delightful to be together in Derbyshire for a day and a night during the prettiest month of the year.

Also, I didn’t want my hen-do to be too expensive. I’m lucky to have some lovely friends but they are scattered across the country and are already booking various hotel-stays so that they can be with us on the big day in August. It’s just a total treat that they’re coming to spend this weekend with me in Derbyshire when we don’t usually get to see each other as often as we’d like.

Finally, I really wanted my Nana to be there but I knew she wouldn’t be up for travelling long distances. Poor Nana has been waiting with baited breath for thirty-two years for me to get wed. And now I’m finally doing it, it’s an absolute must that she gets to witness the all the glorious mayhem. I love it that my hens will range from twenty-one to eighty-eight years old and that all of them will be enthusiastically joining in with the carnage.

My wonderful sister, mum and bridesmaids have been liaising with me about logistics but, since they made me leave the Facebook group last week, I suspect they may have a few surprises up their sleeve… I’ll fill you in on the gossip next week!

-Sarah- x

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