By Sarah

It suddenly seems like time is slipping away at a rate of knots and I can’t keep up. We had less than a year to plan our wedding but now we have only 12 weeks before we’ll be on the brink of matrimony. The whole thing feels like a very real, exciting thing bobbing on the not-too-distant horizon.

I’m utterly thrilled about marrying Steve but, in truth, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed out this week. I am so, so busy at school with my exam classes and we’re now getting to the stage where we’re writing the running-order of the day and there are a million fine details to arrange.

I have an overwhelming to-do list, a queue of excited family-members firing questions that I don’t have answers for and not enough hours in the day!

I hate being stressed. I tend to withdraw and it’s not very fun for my nearest and dearest.

How I coped this week:

*Wrote a to-do list with no more than five items – anymore and I might have needed to breathe into a paper bag

*Made some strong G+Ts, sat down with Steve to discuss the nitty-gritty and make some decisions

*Set aside a few hours to send emails, make phone calls and coordinate everyone involved in the intricacies of the day

*Talked with my mum and my sister – we met at Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a long walk followed by lunch and put the world to rights

*Spent quality time with Steve – it was our third anniversary this week so we went for a lovely dinner and just relaxed.

What’s the moral of the story? Don’t get bogged down, take a step back and just be a bit kind to yourself.

-Sarah- x