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Speaking as a woman with a love of beautiful shoes and as a passionate collector of high-heels, I can totally understand why many ladies choose to splash out on a pair of opulent Choos, Valentinos or Manolos for their wedding day.

A beautiful shoe is an object of such supreme perfection. Who wouldn’t want to wear a piece designed by an artist and made by expert craftsmen and craftswomen? But what a woman wears on her feet is about more than the tangibles. Because there is almost something magical about the perfect shoe.

I got thinking about this at work recently. I’ve probably mentioned before that I’m an English teacher but I also teach a fashion illustration class as an extracurricular at school. One evening I was preparing a shoe-design workshop and inspired by the work of Charlotte Olympia and Christian Louboutin, I began dreamily researching the fashion history of the shoe. I wandered onto the Victoria and Albert Museum website and came across this short film.

What the film explores is a long tradition of oral story-telling revolving around the relationship between a woman and her shoes. The perpetual retelling of the Cinderella story in particular reflects the special power of shoes to help us reinvent ourselves, reveal who we truly are and make our fantasies come true.

It’s so true isn’t it? Shoes carry so much more significance than just their materiality and that’s why they become our treasures. I remember choosing a special pair of shoes one time when I was feeling very lost and sad and they somehow provided me with such comfort and solace. I often shoe-shop with girlfriends too (especially Rose) and vehemently believe that the act of this is a total bonding-ritual.

I also advocate that there is nothing more romantic or complimentary than receiving shoes as a present from a lover. Steve’s first gift to me was the most amazing pair of stiletto shoes. I can’t think of anything more personal or intimate. For me it was just as special as receiving a framed print of a much-loved painting or an antique edition of my favourite novel.

I could wax lyrical about shoes forever but I won’t!

Instead I’m letting you see the shoes I’m wearing on our wedding day. They’re not new and they’re not Emmy or Badgley Mischka (as shown in the divine photos above – by Emmy and Badgley Mischka) but they are my equivalent to Cinderella’s glass slippers.

These are the aforementioned special shoes that were a sparkly saviour to me during a difficult time of sorrow and sadness. I’ve chosen to wear them as my ‘something old’ because of what they signify metaphorically but also because they’re so reliable.

Here’s me wearing the shoes with Laura at our cousin’s wedding at Hitchin Lavender in Hertfordshire. They fit my feet so perfectly; it’s like they were crafted by fairies especially for me. I remember them being comfy all day and I stood up a lot, danced in the evening plus Steve and I even strolled up the lavender field to walk off the wedding breakfast!

Aren’t they pretty?

Guess what? They were £22.99 from New Look.

I have total faith in my trusty Cinderella shoes and know they’ll serve me well on our wedding day.  (Plus now I can afford to buy Steve a very special present that he’ll treasure forever like the twelve-string guitar he’s been lusting after or a better lens for his SLR camera.)

What shoes would you wear on your wedding day?

-Sarah- x

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