By Sarah

Check out our pretty finished invitations made by my clever friend Meg (also the girlfriend of my lucky cousin!)

She came up with this beautiful design and used a gadget to cut out the pale blue card to look like a wrought-iron gate. The gate holds the actual invitation and then everything goes into dove grey envelopes ready for the post office. We’re using silver sealing wax and a sealing stamp to make them what Meg calls ‘Jane Austen-y’. Isn’t she a genius?

As with last week’s post (all about finding the right photographer and videographer) this one is scheduled ahead because we’re about to go off to New York!

If you’re reading this and it’s freshly pressed, then we’ll be fresh off the red-eye and arriving back home horrifically jet-lagged but jubilant from our premoon travels.  I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter and that the bunny was kind.

-Sarah- x

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