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Good morning all! I am so so sorry for the little hiatus I had from blogging. I needed to get some stuff in order and sadly I just couldn’t find the time or energy to get my shit together to get out the weddings. Do not fear, not only am I back with fire in my belly for SYGM, but I behind the scenes I am also nearly ready to launch my new lifestyle blog Simply Weekend. I am hoping to launch at the end of April. It is basically an extension of The Weekend Edits but with a few added extras thrown in. I am busy photographing and writing on top of SYGM and vlogging but all will hopefully work in harmony with each other. I have give a few sneak peaks on insta, and I will continue to do so till the launch. I also changed my instagram name (I KNOW) to simply.weekend, so find me on there as I have lost a few followers because of it 🙁

Anywho! On to today’s beauty of a wedding. I don’t often blog overseas weddings, but if I do I like them to be within Europe and they have to speak to me. This one definitely did, in fact, it was the stunning scenery. The gorgeous mountains and the happy couple standing under the never ending sky saying their forevers. Meta and Albert both love hiking and spending time in the mountains, there was only one place they wanted their ceremony to happen.

photography | Katja + Simon

HAIR: Deciding on a hair style that would combine my every day look, but still reflect the special day, my hair stylist was a big help. Her first and most important question was how I do you usually wear your hear and make up. I told her that most often I braid my hair and really like hair swept to one side. The final choice was easy – and it felt perfect for the mountains, while keeping the hair out of my face and let the cold mountain breeze touch my neck.

MAKEUP: The same went for my make-up. I told my stylist that I use brown shadows and pink lip liner, so she decided to improve on that – we added a beautiful highlighter to light my cheeks and collar bones. With that make-up, I felt like perfect me.

Despite the wedding taking place in the mountains, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear. Choosing a tulle and lace dress, I found the perfect one right at the start of my fitting session. Unfortunately, the dress was too heavy to walk around, and I decided to go with something lighter after the ceremony. I draw a simple dress and my colleague did a wonderful job of sewing my vision together.

BRIDE’S SHOES: Traditional high heels were out of the picture, as I know perfectly well you need proper shoes for hiking. I picked warmer and comfortable mountain boots. They were perfect for walking and they hid well under the lace dress. But also, they looked amazing with the simple satin dress. For the reception I changed in the more shinny flats, so I could easily dance.

We knew we want a special, blue, textured blazer for Albert. We did not found it in Slovenia, but we had more luck on one of our trips to Germany. The blazer was perfectly shaped, inspiring elegance, but still comfortable to wear for Albert. The tie was chosen for its natural look, and we thought a knitted one was perfect. To create a little bit of elegance, Albert bought a dark blue chino pants and add brown belt and brown shoes.

LBM1911 http://www.lubiam.it/ , Me my suit and tie https://memysuitandtie.com/ , Zara http://www.zara.com/

Uskovnica and Hotel Jelka, Slovenia

Our wedding theme was inspired by nature and its simplistic, rustic feeling. We wanted to share the feelings of relaxation and coming home atmosphere we find in nature with all of our guests. During the preparation, we called in our friends to help collect moss, roots and cones, which got turned into beautiful decorations by our florist.

Florist used a lot of materials that we and our friends picked up during summer trips in the woods and mountains for both the ceremony and reception. After the ceremony we went to the mountain cabin, where bundles, drinks and typical Slovenian dishes (all prepared by us and our friends) were waiting for us. Florist took care of decorating and placing all those things, so when we saw it, we were amazed by its beauty. For the reception we decided that we will have a different seating chart. We put big felted animals on the tables and small ones alongside it with names written on stones. A week before the ceremony, we made wood reels as a stand under plates and a wood stand for our favours to guests. I also made photo props and bought a guest book with a lot of stickers so our younger guests had a lot of fun during reception. We also prepared a special box for each kid filled with bubbles, colouring book and yo-yos. The candles created a beautiful romantic atmosphere, just as we wanted.

We enjoyed preparing everything (colouring mugs, making from wood stands and reels, sewing bundles, making boutonnieres), but we must admit that our favourite moment was right after the ceremony, when we could sit in the grass and eat with our friends and family from bundles. That was so natural and enjoyable moment that we will cherish forever. I am not a big flower connoisseur, but I knew I wanted a bouquet full of greenery and succulents. I also wanted a bouquet that looks like it was made on the way to the Uskovnica. Metka from Sanjski šopek made that happen. We wanted to feel the nature through the whole day, so she paid special attention that all the flower arrangements were set correctly and displayed beautifully. The smell of moss and wood was surrounding us the whole day. 

We wanted our invitations to be something special and were looking for a designer, who could draw our wedding story. Since we did not find anyone in Slovenia, I looked on Behance and found an amazing Italian illustrator Claudia Brodin, with her brand Mondo Mombo. Her unique idea, where the invitation included the key points of our theme and included all of the senses to properly appreciate the invitation was sold immediately. Our invitations were placed in a small boxes (done by Albert), with moss, which invoked a nature escape, and our illustrated faces on the path to Uskovnica and the chapel there turned out perfectly. In addition, she also draw a design for stamps, which we pasted on mugs, the cotton totes and on the boxes filled with tea. She understood what we want and we are so happy we had her.

Our guests received a lot of different gifts. After the ceremony we went to a reception, where each guest got their own bundle and 2 mugs (hand painted by us) to take home. When they were leaving the reception, we invited them to create their own love potion from different teas, which they put in cotton tote, and a brown bag of fresh fruits, which they could use a day after the wedding if they went for another hike. 

For our first dance we decided to choose an old song Dream a little dream of me. Our musical friends sang and played the song outside under the stars and full moon. We were dancing, surrounded by our friends and family, holding candles, with our friends singing our special song.

ENTERTAINMENT: We knew immediately that we want a live band, since any live music creates a special atmosphere. We chose a Zebra trio band, playing two guitars and Cajon. They played great songs; from Beatles to new pop rock songs, and everyone was enjoying it, from little ones to our parents.

CAKE: Rustic and natural theme was present also in cake design. Cakes made a delicious dessert table in collaboration with our florist. We made the cake stands a week before, so wood and nature were reflected there as well. Simple and open cake design reflected our style and the cakes themselves were truly delicious.

If you’ve got a lot of DIY projects, start doing them early enough. We started with ours a month before and while it was enjoyable it was also exhausting from time to time. Relax, everything will be fine. Just enjoy the moment with your future husband, family and friends.

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