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If you read this post then you know that Steve and I embrace a DIY approach to wedding planning. It makes everything more meaningful and personal to create little components of the day yourself and it saves the pennies yadda yadda yadda. But if there is one area that we’re leaving to the professionals it is photography and videography.

My little sister got married five years ago and it was a completely special, happy, magical day that went by in the blink of an eye. Laura and Gareth knew that having wonderful photos and a film of the wedding to look back on would be important for posterity.

But those sweet documents were to provide our family with untold comfort when our wonderful and much-adored Pops unexpectedly passed away just a fortnight after the wedding. Without wanting to sound mawkish, you just have no idea what significance these snaps and little bits of footage are going to have for you and partner in the future. So, it’s important to document your wedding day and it’s important to document it properly!

Don’t you loathe those contrived photos you see of grooms and their chinless friends all leaping up in the air? Or when everybody picks up the bride for another embarrassing pose? Or those stilted line-ups of awkward-looking relatives with their heels sinking into the grass? And don’t get me started on those daft shots of the groom nuzzling at the bride’s ear like a loyal horse. Yuck.

I trawled through heaps of local photographers’ websites cringing at portfolios full of photos like these and then double-cringing at the price-tag attached. There was no way I was going to fork out nineteen hundred pounds for a set of vomit-inducing photos pasted into a paisley satin album.

Just before Christmas, I ended up perusing So You’re Getting Married looking in desperation for photos that I actually liked. There were lots of beautiful work examples but these photos from Dan and Jen’s Herefordshire wedding by Colin Nicholls were by far my favourite.

As I scrolled through photos of this wedding attended by people I didn’t even know, I found myself growing strangely emotional. The couple and guests looked so genuinely happy; every shot appeared so natural and unaffected; plus the natural beauty of the lush surroundings was captured so expertly and in such ethereal light. His unpretentious documentary-style photos were beautiful and perfect.

I wanted Colin to photograph our wedding! But he was based in Herefordshire.

I went to his website, gazed wistfully at more exquisite photos and made an enquiry. When Colin emailed me back and told me he would travel to Kirk Ireton on 6th August, I was beyond delighted and we booked!

Finding a videographer whose work I liked was easier and I booked a localish one, based in Staffordshire, called Our Wedding, The Movie to take footage and make our film.

My advice: don’t compromise. Book one you really like.

-Sarah- x

Photo by Colin Nicholls of Dan and Jen’s beautiful Herefordshire wedding

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