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Ever had the urge to try a facial skincare treatment involving your skin and a scalpel? Thought not! However Dermaplaning has arrived in the UK, and is gaining momentum as a skin refining/facial hair removal treatment in the UK.

As you know, I’m always up for trying new treatments (especially so I can tell you guys all about them) and for this week’s post, I am super excited to be bringing you my first video – it’s short, but if you’ve ever tried to film and edit a YouTube type video, you’ll know it’s hours of work for often a teeny film! However, hopefully you enjoy seeing me have Dermaplaning, and it gives you the facts about what it is and what it does.

[vimeo 212140843 w=640 h=360]

This treatment is ideal for anyone who worries about peach fuzz type facial hair, whether before their wedding or just day to day, whether you find makeup clings to hair and exacerbates it’s appearance, or if you break out after waxing (I had a lip wax once – never again!).

I have to say I don’t have a huge amount of facial hair so it’s not a big worry of mine, but I have noticed it’s appeared more over the last few years and although it’s blonde and fine, occasionally I do find foundation can gather on my top lip, and when I take photos with my “big” camera to blog, it looks super pronounced, so I’ve enjoyed not having to see it for the last few weeks! My skin looked and felt super smooth afterwards, and I’ve barely any regrowth three weeks later. I know a lot of women worry about facial hair – it might not be something we talk about much, but some women feel self conscious of it which is why I wanted to post about this treatment. There’s obviously the skincare benefits too for any exfoliation addicts – I loved seeing the dead skin removed!

Anyone can have this treatment except those who have active acne, those taking roaccutane, those using lasers or peels (you’ll need to wait 21 days), those undergoing cancer treatment, and those taking roaccutane (check with your practitioner if you are unsure of your suitability).

I had my treatment with Asher Coleman (Micromakeup), who’s based in Norfolk – but I’m sure you’ll be able to find a qualified local practitioner, especially as this gains popularity.

If you want to see more video content let me know and I’ll do my best to create some!

Emily x


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Welpen Leben //

Ich liebe es mein Gesicht zu rasieren, aber hier geht es nicht nur um das Entfernen des Haarflaums, denn durch das Abtragen der obersten Schicht wird die Haut dazu angeregt, neue Zellen zu bilden – ein Revitalisierungsprozess setzt ein, der einen strahlenden und glatten Teint zur Folge hat. Also so ein richtigen GLOW EFFEKT. 🙂
Und nein: Die Haare wachsen definitiv nicht dunkler oder stoppelig nach!
Da ich so begeistert von der Methode bin, habe ich eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung auf http://www.damenrasur.com erstellt.

Georgios Ionidis //

Professional dermaplaning is a powerful exfoliation technique and can get you ready for your big day. Its important to note that, as with any exfoliation method, redness and irritation may occur. They are usually harmless and go away in a day or two. But it’s vital not to plan the dermaplaning session on your very wedding day!
Also, never use a scalpel or similar tool at home: the risk of injury is just too high.
We have recently launched in UK our Dermaplaning Cerazor: a new dermaplaning tool with ceramic blades. Dermaplaning Cerazor is a tool specially designed for use at home. Its ceramic blades are developed for optimum dermaplaning, but it looks like your average shaving razor and is just as easy to use! With the Dermaplaning Cerazor, you will achieve perfect results on your very first try. The ceramic exfoliator of the Dermaplaning Cerazor remains sharp for a very long time, never rusts, and can serve you well for several years.
Please find out more on http://www.dermaplaning.ch or look it up on amazon!