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My blog publishing day is a Monday, but I’m writing this on Friday 24th March as it’s exactly ONE YEAR TO GO until we get married! I’ve been nervously watching the weather for the whole of March to get validation of choosing our date at the right time, and it’s been a temperamental one to say the least!

In March 2017, we’ve had snow, rain, sunshine, wind, sleet, cold, warmth… the unpredictable weather has ensured I’ve had unpredictable emotions the whole month. But, the exact date comparison is upon us, and I’m pleased to say, it’s looking good. Today in Leeds it is bright, sunny and crisp, and the weather report for the exact location of our venue is looking just as good.

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So why did we pick March if I’m so concerned about the weather?

The one thing we were both agreed on was we definitely did not want a summer wedding. Why? Because the weather in June, July and August is no more predictable than in any other seasons, but the expectation is higher. I am absolutely alright with it being overcast and cold, I just don’t want rain or snow to ruin any pictures or guests experiences. At The Normans, where we’re getting married, the majority of the venue is in shelter, combining three converted barns to make the wedding venue, but moving between the barns requires going outside. Also, I’d much prefer my pictures to be taken outside, even if it’s not the best weather.

My friend got married in November and it was lovely. The air was cool and crisp, the dark afternoons made it cosy and there were no expectations of good weather, so everyone was prepared for the worst (including a bride with wellies!). I went to a wedding in August and it rained. Of course, it was a beautiful wedding nonetheless, but it still rained. You see my point?

I personally, with the unpredictability of the UK climate, don’t see the point in paying the premiums some venues charge to have a wedding in the summer months. Add to that the fact Paddy (husband to be!) wants to wear a three piece wool suit but is partial to getting hot very quickly, would make a summer wedding a complete no go. I’d also rather be fake tanned and cold than worry about sweating, burning and any of the other fun stuff that summer months can bring (when the weather behaves as expected!)

So with a year to go, how is the planning going?

So far, we have booked the venue, booked a photographer, booked a florist, and I’ve found my dress. We’re currently in the process of renovating our house to sell, hoping the profit we’ve made will help to fund the wedding. Until we have our house valued, we’re holding out on booking some other big ticket items, such as catering and entertainment (band and DJ) but if you have any recommendations, please let me know! My hen do is booked for Barcelona this September, and Paddy is planning on going skiing in January / February. The stresses I once felt have diminished somewhat and I feel relaxed into the planning process and at ease with what I need to sort. Next on my list is designing the invitations with my very talented friend, and then I’m desperate to start looking for fun stuff, like shoes and rings.

If you read my #MondayMotivation post a couple of weeks ago, you’ll also be pleased to know I completed the Major Series challenge and I now just need to step things up a gear and start training for the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride.

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Laura //

I agree with you, I’ve worked so many peak summer weddings that unfortunately had bad weather. You just can’t predict it anymore. March usually has some beautiful sunny days! Good luck in your wedding planning, the next year will fly by I’m sure!

Laura xx

Heni Fourie //

We did get some lucky sunny days in March so shouldn’t be a problem, is your wedding going to be in or outdoor? The Pavilion at Lane End’s wedding venue offers both in and outdoor wedding reception options. https://www.thepavilionuk.com/