#MondayMotivation: How I plan on getting in shape for my wedding

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This post is for all those women (engaged, married or single) that need a bit of #mondaymotivation to get fit for a certain occasion. I am (I’m putting myself out there) about 2 stone heavier than I should be (at least), and definitely have more wobbly bits than I’d like. I’m terrible at sticking to diets, and will always put socialising above exercising. But now I’m getting married, I need a good kick up the bum and I’m going to share with you my tips to get motivated if you’re like me and sometimes, you struggle.

There is no greater motivation than trying on wedding dresses and looking like a hippo

I went dress shopping quite soon after getting engaged, and lots of people commented how far in advance it was. I agree, but wow, how happy I am that I did. Seeing myself look awful in every dress gave me the first (and probably biggest) piece of motivation I needed to get in shape. I still managed to find one that I loved, and we bought a dress in the second shop I went in, but I need to lose weight to look good in it. Luckily, this has now given me a dedicated window of time. My wedding is March 2018, but I have to go back to be measured for the dress to be ordered in August 2017. This is my first goal to aim towards, and from then, I have to keep in shape until the wedding.

The hen party

Although I’m not getting married until March, I wanted to go away somewhere with nice weather. Therefore, I decided to go to Barcelona in September this year. Another step in my strategy – get in shape for the dress fitting in August, then stay in shape for the hen party in September. A lot of my friends have great bodies so the thought of looking like a beached whale next to them isn’t sitting too well with me, so further motivation still. My aim is to be in such good shape that I see how good I can look in a bikini, and that motivates me to look that good again for my honeymoon.


Getting fit

As I said, I’m terrible at diets, and I don’t massively believe in them. I know how to eat healthily, I just choose not to a lot of the time, as I love chocolate and carbs. What I do quite enjoy though is exercise. Sometimes I’m terrible at committing to it, but when I’m doing it I love it. I’m no personal trainer, and I’m not about to tell you what you should do to get a washboard stomach, but what I can do is give you my advice on how to motivate yourself.

The hardest part for me is always motivation, so I’ve set myself some goals. This year my work are doing several fundraising events for charity, including the Major Series (10km assault course), the Leeds 10k, the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride (70+ miles from Wetherby to Filey) and Rough Runner (another 10km assault course) – so I’ve signed up for them all. I’ve taken the power out of my hands and committed, and there is only one way to get through it all without failing – by training hard. If you struggle with motivation, this is a great challenge. Find a fitness exercise that is achievable for you but pushes you to your limits, and sign up for it. You’ll have to train and work hard, but this will get you in shape and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. Better still, if you’re doing it for a charity or good cause, you’ll have another reason to perform beyond your own personal goals – this is always something that helps to spur me on.

Maybe at the end of this journey I’ll tell you if I reached my goals and lost the weight I needed to lose, but for now, please share your experiences with me, and I wanted to let you know we’re in it together! It’s so hard to get motivated but there are so many of us in the same situation and together we can empower each other to reach our goals. Let me know what you did / are doing to fit into your wedding dress, and follow me on Instagram at clairelstead to keep up with my story. You can also sponsor me too if you drop me a DM on Instagram. Thanks for reading!

P.S. At the time of this post going live, I will just be starting my British Military Fitness bootcamp class!

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