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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

This post was a couple of months in the making, as I wanted to give Lilash the full 6 weeks to really do it’s thing (or to see if it even worked!) before I showed you the results. 

My nail technician began using this a while back after seeing Nic Chapman’s Youtube video, and her lashes were so long after a few months that as soon as she started stocking it I knew I wanted to give it a go. Whilst I’m not desperate for ginormous eyelashes, like most of my hair my lashes are fine and fair,  so anything which promises thickness, curl and length sounded like a winner to me. 

Lilash is a fortified lash serum which promises to enhance length and curl with continued use. I’ve periodically used lash serums before, never really sticking with it and never really seeing results (probably partially for that reason!) 

So here’s the deal – 

– Apply once a day either evening or morning on clean dry skin

– Brush onto skin above lash line using the eyeliner type brush from the tube

– Within weeks experience longer lashes 

– Opthalmologist tested 

– Safe for sensitive eyes

– Available in 2ml or 4ml (3 month or 6 month)

– 90 day money back guarantee if purchased on the website

So here are the before and afters – 

As you can see, it’s worked pretty well. I’ve used mascara on the before and afters because my eyelashes are naturally so blonde you can’t see anything without it, but I’ve applied mascara in the same way in both.  I’ve been applying this every day for about 10 weeks now – I started with nighttime but changed to morning as I found it easier. I felt my lashes had a growth spurt around week 3 where I saw a difference, then a bit of a lull where they seemed to slow down for a while, but weeks 8 – 10 have really made a difference, and a few people have actually mentioned my eyelashes (which has never ever been something people have mentioned in 33 years).  It’s worth noting that if you stop using this, you do lose the effect – your lashes won’t all drop out (anymore than they usually do – all lashes replace themselves every 30 – 90 days anyway, so this simply keeps them from shedding naturally) but as old lashes leave and new lashes grow, the new lashes will be the same as pre product use   (ie. their natural length).

It’s not super cheap – £66 for 2ml, £110 for 4ml, but if you want a growth serum that works this seems a good bet to me. Whilst browsing reviews I saw a lot of people complaining about ineffectiveness of products bought on Amazon – please remember a lot of beauty products on sites like Amazon and Ebay are not genuine – not only is this a total waste of money, but it’s risky if you are putting unknown ingredients around your eyes. Please buy products like this from authorised stockists! *shudders*

There is also LiBrow – you might wonder why someone with no brows like me doesn’t give this a go, but this will make existing hairs grow longer and not start brand new hairs from dead follicles appear, so there really isn’t any point. If you want longer, thicker brow hairs it’s designed for that, and not to stimulate new hair growth. 

Emily x

*This product was given to me to review but as always my reviews are 100% honest and I don’t recommend anything I wouldn’t pay for myself. 

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