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Afternoon all, a quick post today rom ieie bridal. You may remember the first post I did with them showcasing a few different types of dresses, well we are back with a few more. ieie bridal give you the opportunity to create your own dress, designed exactly how you want it. You may be wary of online companies but the cost saved in having no retail outlets is passed straight on to the consumer. The choice may seem overwhelming at first but once you get your head around what you want the process is easy, and if you don’t like your dress on arrival, you can return it! Sounds good hey? 

The gowns are categorised by silhouette, style, venue, trend and how long they will take to ship. I think most ladies planning will have narrowed down to at least one of those sections to make choosing a little easier. Whether you are wanting a sexy wedding dress or something a bohemian wedding dress, ieie bridal can help you narrow down your choice to The One.

Whilst being in the UK means we often don’t see a beach wedding, you can still opt for a dress befitting of The Gold Coast, something ethereal, floaty and elegant.

Something a little more befitting to a British wedding is a tea length wedding dress, ieie bridal can customise to your hearts content, from lace sleeves, a beaded bodice, an embellished waist and a matching 50s-esque veil.

image credit to Ian Joseph Jones

If you are after mermaid wedding dresses then don’t be put off by the fact you are inputting your own measurements online, the one above was created in just that way and fits the bride to perfection don’t you think? 

You can also find everything you need for your best maids in their bridesmaid dresses section. Whilst I think what is shown isn’t a fair representation of what they offer, some of the gowns look a little Madame Bovary they do simple wrap style designs, and can be made in every colour imaginable. 

You will want to have a click through to their website, and perhaps read their FAQ section. They answer all the questions about designing from photos you’ve seen on pinterest, how long it all takes, what the process it, what happens if it doesn’t fit etc. I know that online bridal shopping isn’t for everyone and that’s OK. But I wanted to find a reputable online designer to share with you because I know a lot of you will be looking at dresses online.

This is a collaborative post with ieie bridal but if I didn’t think they were good enough, then they wouldn’t be on SYGM. I get approached by online dress designers often but this is the first company I truly felt will give you a wonderful, easy and painless shopping experience!

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