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As the masking obsession in beauty world continues, Aveda have decided to target the bridal market (although there’s no reason this isn’t for everyone, invariably Brides will love the idea of a pre-Wedding face mask!) and come up with Tulasara Wedding Masque, an overnight treatment to give you “wedding-worthy skin” – ie. bright, plump, glowing, radiant. Yes please.

There’s an accompanying Wedding Masque Eye too (which from what I’ve seen has some raves) and you can buy the mask and eye cream as a duo as well as singularly.  I received the mask to try*, so we’ll focus on that.

What are the claims?

~ 97% naturally derived ultra rich creme masque

~ Works during the night to smooth appearance of lines, and gives a firmer, lifted look

~ Non comodegenic, non acnegenic, dermatologist tested

~ With continued use helps to support skin’s protective lipid barrier, helping to seal in moisture.

~ Inspired by the Haldi ceremony from India, a pre-wedding tradition in which a homemade turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom for glowing skin on their wedding day.

Aveda’s skincare philosophy is to keep everything as natural as possible so there’s plenty of goodness in here including Tomato, potato and red raspberry plant stem cells help support skin’s natural repair processes. The main purpose of this is brightening and firming, so ideal for a quick pick me up when skin feels lacklustre.

When I saw Shea Butter amidst the ingredients, I’m not going to deny I was a little scared this would break me out, but it does claim to be both non acnegenic and suitable for all skin types. Generally speaking, rich overnight products do freak me out a bit as I’m dehydrated/slightly oily/acne prone and I don’t find they sit well with my skin, however much I love the indulgent feel. That said, I had no issue at all with this breaking me out and upon trying it, have found my skin feels super hydrated and glowy the next morning, and makeup applies just beautifully after it too. I’d say this is best suited to the dry and normal to dry skinned amongst you, as it’s rich and creamy, however if this type of product is your bag you’ll enjoy it. It’s also a lovely treat for the run up to the wedding too if you are getting married (and great if you have a stressful few days just before, or a few bubbles the night before).

If you’d like to see the ingredients (I know some of you do). you can find them here.

Aveda’s Tulasara Wedding Masque is £48 for 50ml and available here.

Emily x

*contains press samples

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