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Morning! If you are crushing on Pantone’s colour of 2017 – greenery, then this venue will hit that brief to a tee. Not only that but it is not based in France, or even London. It is in the North of England and I am in love. Le Petit Chateau is a dog friendly  fantastical, french inspired, luxury wedding venue in Northumberland. Natalie went to visit just before Christmas and fell a little bit in love with it all, you can read and see more below.

PS = if you book this as your venue…can i come?! *heart eye emoji*

words and images | Natalie Ramsell

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I remember Phoebe mentioning Le Petite Château in a text group we’ve got going on when Rach asked for venue recommendations. I clicked on the link to their website and I instantly fell in love. Like. Full on butterflies in love with the place. SO, when the opportunity came up to go and stay there a few weeks ago, I didn’t need much convincing; I was only too happy to offer my services.


I don’t even know where to start when describing Le Petite Château  The whole place is amazing. I want to live there. It’s a boutique hotel with 25 rooms and wedding venue in Otterburn, Northumberland. We rocked up in the evening (it is much further than I thought – really out in the sticks!), just after the most incredible sunset, which I therefore didn’t manage to capture! At first we were a little confused. All I was looking out for was this gorgeous venue, which doesn’t even look like it could be in this country. So when the satnav told us we had a arrived at what looked like a pretty little hotel, but nothing more than that, my heart sank a little. After making sure we were at the right place, we got shown through a little maize of corridors to our room and our jaws just dropped. The gold bath at the end of the bed, the mural on the wall, the gold bed, the bottle of prosecco waiting on ice – SO MANY THINGS FOR OUR EYES! I wish I’d taken a photo of the bathroom too – the gold industrial-type shower head mixed with a wall of mismatched blue patterned tiles was en pointe. The soft instrumental music playing on Le Petit Chateau’s own channel on the tv was also a lovely touch.


Opening the curtains in the bedroom was like a dream. From the Juliette balcony to the view of the gardens so finely lit up in the dark – it was all stunning. The garden side is where the most enchanting French-inspired chapel, which they call “La Belle Époque” sits. I don’t know how they’ve done that roof, but I want…no…need it on my house. 


Inside the chapel, and actually throughout the whole venue, the decor and furniture is to die for. So much detail, that I’m sure I must have missed half of it! I love this about this venue because I really don’t think you’d need to do too much in terms of styling to have a wedding there. One of my favourite rooms was the waiting area with beamed ceilings, plush turquoise sofas and massive standing mirrors just before the entrance to the chapel and a stone’s throw from the bar. The whole place has dark styling; the kind I wish I was brave enough to try out in my house. All except for the chapel; that is wonderfully light and airy. The light in there is really lovely, even at night.


Away from the chapel, there are plenty of stylish sofas dotted around, a nice big bar (yes please!) with a Photo Booth and a big grand space named the Château Ballroom, which opens out onto the terrace and gardens. The terrace was set up a chill out area when we visited, but I believe you can choose to get married out there, or even in the Château Ballroom for that matter – it is down to each couple’s personal preference. Aside from the freezing weather, the garden made me feel like I’d stepped out somewhere in the Mediterranean (which I guess is the whole idea). It is filled with greenery, massive palm trees, bright blue benches and a water fountain (which I’m told has fire!!); and at night everything is lit up beautifully – making for the perfect, romantic setting.


I am even more in love with this place now than I originally was; and I think the fact that the chapel and all the other enchanting elements are hidden at first glance, makes it that bit more intriguing and special. Any guests to weddings there would be in for a real surprise when they walk through and see just how very magical it all is. I would have loved to have seen EVERY single room there. I really can’t get over the attention to detail everywhere we looked. We’ll just have to go and stay there at least 24 more times…you know…just to ensure each room is as beautiful as the last.

Natalie x 

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