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Good morning all! Welcome to the first proper Weekend Edit of 2017. If you are new around here then hello, how do you do? How can I sum up the weekend edits quickly? They are a little round up of what I have been doing, thinking and feeling over the past week. It is a place for me to write and be me without having to have my ‘wedding hat’ on. 

As always, the most recent vlog is here but if you prefer words then you are also in the right place. We last saw each other on the 1st with my bucket list of resolutions, so far none have been broken and none have been achieved so thats a half positive right?


New Years eve was fun, you can watch me get ready with my sister and a little bit of the celebrations in this vlog. I wore this dress from Topshop, which, after only one outing is a new favourite that I shall wear to all occasions for forever because it fit wonderfully and is so easy to wear. Red lip was Mac Lady Danger, sisters dark lip with Tilbury Glastonberry. New Years day was spent hungover, my sister cooked steak pie which Michael went to fetch and bring back to the house so I could eat it. Ha.

1-4th January not much happened and on the 5th I went back to work.


Thursday 5th – back to work wooooo. It was as bad as I thought it would be, with over 4000 emails to respond to and blog posts to write it was a matter of hitting the ground running sprinting. It actually wasn’t too bad, the emails were a lot of 2016 round up newsletters, sale shit and other PR emails. I’d say out of that only 10% were anything that needed following up on so it wasn’t awful.


Friday – I was dreading this day since I made the appointment. I had my wisdom tooth out! The actual procedure wasn’t too bad (I am fine with needles etc) for me it was the blood and aftercare I was most worried about, I had read about dry sockets (which they also warned me about) and other horror stories so I was just so paranoid I would end up in hospital and have to have my whole head amputated. Thankfully (at time of writing I am still capitate) I looked after it, had soup, tepid drinks, no sucking or spitting, salt wash and painkillers. I then spent the rest of the afternoon in sick bay catching up on Celebrity Big Brother. Absolutely no shame in how much I love it!


Saturday – it was a relaxing morning, and a lay in as I didn’t sleep too well. I kept rolling on to my wisdom tooth side and waking myself up. That afternoon I met up with two friends for a catch up, we had cake and juices and then gin because life is all about balance. We then popped to the supermarket to pick up soft food for dinner and then settled down to a night in front of the TV. I finally got round to watching Girl on the Train. Oh my god. It was shit. IT WAS SO SHIT. I really enjoyed the book. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a literary masterpiece but it was a great easy read with a good plot twist. The film jarred on me from the offset seeing those houses. It just didn’t work being set in America did it? If you have read the book, don’t bother with the film. Even on DVD release. It will anger you.


Sunday – So! I wanted to kick start my 2017 by tackling the next step on my exposure therapy ladder. I had planned it in my head, but didn’t tell Michael till the morning as I didn’t want to put any pressure on it. I wanted to go shopping in the city during the day. This is something I have never done. The thought of all the people, the busy shops and the busy roads terrified me. As we had done the journey in a few times now, I knew where I was going, and really…how different could it be in the day. Well I got lucky, it was the quietest I had ever seen it on the roads going in. And whilst the shops were busy, I didn’t feel squished or claustrophobic at any time. The only thing I didn’t like (which I didn’t get the chance to film) was when getting to the multi-storey we had to go up to the 5th floor.

Coat from New Look, Top from Whistles, Skirt from Marks and Spencer (reduced to £10.99!).


We started in Pret where Michael got himself some lunch, we bumped in to two friends (I was all like yessss other humans have seen me in town!!) then went to Anthropologie. I bought the agate bottle opener I had my eye on. It was then to Hackett where Michael bought a jacket, then in to John Lewis. We stuck to the ground floor as thats where all the good stuff is. I swatched all the make up and perfume but opted just for some Dior foundation and Creed Love in White perfume as a treat for reaching one of my goals. It is one of my favourite scents but I have never owned it ( I wore Spring Flowers on my wedding day). I then went to Pret and picked myself some food up for when we got home. I wanted to stay longer to go and get my ears pierced but Michael had the gym at 2, so we didn’t have time. Maybe this Sunday? Eeeeeeek.


I felt very proud of myself. Whenever I do something like this, I always look around at other people and wonder if they are going through anything similar to me, then at the same time I am looking around thinking, hey, I am one of you, look at me do ‘normal people’ stuff. It’s a weird feeling. That night, we were going to go the cinema but my body crashed. I think it was a mix of the exposure therapy and my gum healing that it was just all ‘hey how about you just chill’. So we watched Designated Survivor, ate chocolate buttons then went to bed.

I think one of my biggest tips is to not put pressure on yourself and do things at your own pace.


Monday – werk werk werk. Editing vlog, catching up on trashy TV, chores, and dog walk. A regular Monday for me! I did start one of my resolutions by learning to meditate. I say learn verrrrry loosely! It is so hard. Hoping that with practice I can get there but very happy to take 30 mins out of my day if it helps with mindfulness and good mental health.

My vlog of my city visit and shopping will be up on Wednesday on The Millers should you want to watch/subscribe. I hope you have a lovely week and I will see you back here on Sunday, maybe with pierced ears!

As always you can find me on instagram and twitter as @phoebewedding.

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